MAC First Lipstick Hue

I spent ages last week trying to find the perfect MAC lipstick to order. I spent so much time as *screams* this is my first MAC lipstick!!! I watched about 20 videos on Youtube of peoples top ten, and too many blog posts. I finally decided on the lipstick called Hue.

I chose Hue as it is a nude and I would be able to wear it at school. (We have quite a strict policy, we cannot wear bright eye shadow or lipstick and must keep eye liner to a strict minimum!) Hue is a nude which is partly transparent meaning it lets your natural lip colour through, so it looks different on everyone. I love the colour, on me it is a sort of peachy pink in some lights and a pale pink in other lights.

The packaging is beautiful (no joke,) it almost looks like a bullet as such. It looks like this as is it is so airodynamic as such. (A weird way to describe a lipstick I know…) Althought it doesn’t have the most elaborate packaging it by no means looks cheap, in fact due to the simplicity it looks very stylish.

From the picture it looks quite a deep colour but that is just the lighting, it was raining today. England of course!

Sorry about the state of my lips they are still recovering from winter as well as last weekends hay fever!

With Flash


Without Flash



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