RealTechniques Brush Sets Haul

So here they are the two brush sets from Real Techniques! I like many others have been longing for these, raved about, lovelies. Now at £21.99 in Boots for each set they are budget compared to MAC and co, which for the same price you can get around 1 brush!! Yet they are still quite a bit of money for people like me, which is why I bought one set and the other is an early birthday present!
So the orange brushes are called: The Core Collection, and are for the face. The purple: The Starter Set, which are for the face! I shall start with the Core Collection…

Contour Brush

The contour brush is possibly the softest out of the set. It is tapered oval shape. I don’t however used this to contour as such but more to apply blush as for me it picks up just the right amount of product!


Pointed Foundation Brush

I really like this brush although not for its intended purpose. I find it is too small to use with foundation as it unlike the contour brush does not pick up enough product. Yet it is my go to brush for highlighter as it is just the right shape to pat onto your face.


Detailer Brush

This brush is so tiny, so cute as well though. It like the box suggests should be used with concealer as it is perfect at covering imperfections. The box also suggests use with lip products which I can see it being helpful with.


Buffing Brush

The buffing brush is another super soft one. Its slightly domed top making it perfect to apply powder. I can also see it being useful with liquid foundation as well.


Deluxe Crease Brush

This brush is slightly puzzling as I can see it’s uses for blending but it is just so big making it almost awkward to blend with among other uses. I have heard others saying it is useful for under eye concealing.


Accent Brush

This cute brush I use a smudger brush and also to apply to my outer v on my eye. It’s just the right size to do this as well as highlight!


Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush

I am not a heavy gel/liquid eyeliner wearer but I thought this would be good for thin liner. However the brush itself is just too thick  to manage this leaving a much thicker line than intended which is not helpful.


Brow Brush

I don’t fill my eyebrows in as I don’t feel the urge to because I make them look like slugs, not a good look. So I will have to find another use and will report back soon.


 Base Shadow Brush

 This brush is pretty self explanatory, it is a base shadow brush. It is nice though and could be used for blending.


Hope this helped!

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