Halloween: Bleeding Burn FX

 The next instalment in my Halloween series is another wound tutorial this time a burn tutorial! It is quite simple but does take time to complete, I find it is mainly the latex part! This is also a reusable prosthetic wound, you can stick it on again using latex.

 It uses pretty much the same products as my Mouldy Wound (a matte black MUA shadow somehow managed to escape the photograph!) Lets begin!

 The first step is to coat your arm in liquid latex and pat a piece of toilet paper over and wait until it dries. Once it has dried remove the excess paper. You have to repeat this step about five times, I used a hairdryer so it wouldn’t take for ever!

 By the end it should look something like this, after I took the photo I added latex around the edges to help it blend into the skin.

  You then need to use tweezers to open a sizable wound and they use a high coverage foundation and concealer to blend the wound into your skin.

 It might take a while to blend but by the end it should look ok!

Next you need to apply a matte black eye shadow to centre of the wound and around the inner flaps to create a burnt sooty effect.

Add a black gel liner to the inner rim and edges, I used a sparkly one to make it look a bit more like liquid.

I then used my cake blood around the outer, and inner rim. Also splodge the blood in patches in the centre of the wound.

If you have managed to blend the latex into your skin enough this is the last step. You need to then apply fake blood around the wound, and your done!

If however you didn’t manage to blend it well enough you can take a black eye shadow on a smudger brush and smudge dark black around the outside and work it in towards the wound centre. Voila you are done and have a nice burn wound. To reuse it you need to peel it off slowly otherwise it will shrivel up!

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