Halloween: Gunshot Wound FX

So this is another Halloween tutorial for another wound! Now this one is probably one of the easiest wound to do as you can just use eyelash glue instead of liquid latex as you only need a small amount for the actual wound, (you could also use PVA Glue.)

The products are pretty much the same as the other two wound tutorials. The product list can be found here.

So as with the other wounds you always start with a ‘blob’ of latex or eyelash glue, the size of you gunshot wound. Then leave it to dry.

When its dry it will be clear, use a hairdryer for faster drying.

Using tweezers pull latex away from the centre outwards, choose the size of the bullet and pull the latex to fit that size.

Use a shade of foundation that matches your hand blend into the skin. Use concealer round the edges to blend the harder to blend areas. Then powder to stop it shining.

Then take a matte black eye shadow in the wound to add depth.

To finish add liquid fake blood into the middle of the wound, and cake blood around the sides to create the look of dried blood.

Hope you enjoyed! I’m not sure whether I will do any other Halloween wounds, looks maybe.

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