Halloween: Mouldy Wound FX

Continuing with the Halloween posts, I decided to go with a tutorial for a mouldy wound. This wound is quite simple and can be transferred to the face, but it might take a few tries to perfect, (I don’t think mine is perfect yet.) This tutorial does use Liquid Latex which some people don’t have, so I’m sorry if you don’t.

So the products I used for this tutorial are:

Ok, lets go. Now before I start FX makeup I always moisturise, no idea why I just always think it keeps your skin nice!

So first you need to paint a coat of latex onto the skin where you want the wound to go, face, hand, leg wherever.

Next you need to get either some toilet roll or tissue paper and stick it on the edges of the latex, leaving the middle clear.

Repeat the last step two or three times and then wait for it to dry, you can use a hairdryer to help it dry quicker.

Once it has dried, (it will turn clear,) use tweezers and pull apart the latex starting from the middle creating an uneven circle type shape.

Next use a foundation that matches your hand and blend across the wound, use high coverage concealer for hard to blend areas.

Next apply a dark pinky/red to the ‘open wound.’ I used a sponge to dab the colour on, I found it applied nice and evenly.

Add a black shadow around the inside edges of the wound to create depth, you can blend it out if you find the line to harsh.

To add to the effect of depth, you can add a gel liner, it gives it more of a liquid, shiny look, more realistic in my opinion.

Use the Cake Blood to add a dried blood around the outside edges, it doesn’t look realistic at the moment but it should by the end.

Add fake blood to the middle of the wound and let a bit drip out.

To blends the edges into the skin, use the same pinky/red, then go round the outside with the lip liner, blending as you go. Then smudge black shadow all over to create bruising.

Finally to finish powder over the top and voila! A wound has appeared!

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