Soap & Glory Girl-O-Whirl

 A gift from Christmas! This one is a box full of Soap & Glory treasures, eyes, lips, face this covers it all, beautifully as well. With 6 lipsticks and eye shadows, a bronzer, mascara, highlighter, not to mention the box, (soon to be my new laptop case…)

First off I love the idea of having loads of different best sellers in one set, also having the brushes makes it ideal for travelling with! Also all the eyeshadow colours are perfect for each other. On Christmas Day I wore Minky as a base, Dandy Plum in my in my outer V, Smokin’ under my lash line, Wild Blue on my top lash line, and to finish I highlighted with Vanilla. I then wore the Gloss Stick in Nudist on my lips, it looked really nice!

This is Soap&Glory’s Solar Power bronzer. Both sides are matte, however they are different shades. It has a darker shade on the left which is too dark for my skin. Luckily though, the lighter shade on the right seems to be more suited my skin tone so fingers crossed on that one. The powder has a very velvety feel which is really nice on the skin. I love the detailing on the pan as it has S&G embossed into it, as well as a shimmery pink dusting on the letters.

It also came with Glow All Out, an illuminating face powder, aka a highlighter. It’s a beautiful light pink powder with shimmer throughout. I dust it onto my cheekbones and down the middle of my nose to brighten up my face and it really completes my look!


The six eye shadows it came with all really put me in a party mood, with the plum, electric blue etc. The colours in fact are: (L-R) Vanilla, Wild Blue, Smokin’, Minky, Dandy Plum and Black Gold. The shadows are so pigmented and velvety they apply so easily to the lid, with or without a primer. My favourite out of all the shadows are Minky.


I haven’t had a chance to try this yet but it looks promising. The name is Thick & Fast and it says it will create super full and voluminous lashes! The brush is quite standard for a volumising mascara, but I am on the lookout for a new mascara, this could be it!

I was really happy when I saw it came with three brushes! One is a half moon shape brush perfect for the bronzer and highlighter. The double ended lip brush is really good for distributing colour evenly! The double ended shadow brush is great for blending colours because of its fine hairs, its soo soft!

The lip palette has really nice colours from neutrals to a Christmassy red! The colours are: (L-R) Naked Beige, Guava Rama, Red My Lips, Missing Pink, Perfect Day and Man Trap. My favourite is Naked Beige as it is a ‘my lips but better’ colour!



Now last but certainly not least is Soap & Glory’s Gloss Stick in Nudist. I have heard so many people rave about these, especially this one, which I think I remember Fleur De Force talking about. It is basically Soap & Glory’s version of a chubby stick except its less colour more gloss!

That’s all for today, check back soon for more!

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