Benefit Sexy Little Stowaways

Benefit excelled in gift sets last year, in the UK and US. This particular set was given to me by my Auntie after she was in America on a business trip! She knows me too well, this set of samples is gorgeous!

The set is called Sexy Little Stowaways and features 10 different samples of various Benefit products, it describes itself as: Best Sellers For Jet Setters. The set is $34, (about £20,) however, Benefit’s UK website does not stock it. I have however found it on Brigette’s Boutique an American online boutique that ships to the UK, but it will cost you £59.95 + £12.50 shipping. I think its a crazy amount but if you are interested you can view it here.

 Two primers that came with the kit were “that gal” and POREfessional, both deluxe samples 7.5ml. I already have POREfessional from another set. “that gal” is a brightening face primer, (worth £12.) It comes out the tube a pinky colour and rubs into the skin clear. It’s really annoying me but I just can’t put my finger on the smell, it might be slightly flowery and perfume like. POREfessional, (worth £8,) is surprising as it comes out of the tube foundation like colour and when it is rubbed into the skin it creates a really smooth surface. It is quite scary just how smooth POREfessional makes your skin.


Another two things were Hoola Bronzer and Bella Bamba. Hoola Bronzer, (worth £9,) is also a sample I recieved in another set, according to Benefit it is the best selling bronzer in the UK! It is matte and in my opinion too orangey for my skin tone sadly, I have heard so many rave reviews, but just can’t get it to work for me. Bella Bamba, (worth £9,) is a lovely shimmery coraly red blush/brightening powder. I’m not sure if I will love it as much as my Dandelion brightening powder, only time will tell.

BAD gal lash, (worth £8,) is a voluminous black mascara for famously big lashes according to the website. It has a really nice size brush, and I’m pretty sure their mascara smells nice too!

I’m not a big eye cream fan however, I am going to try It’s Potent! (Worth £5.) Its got a very nice smell, not unlike every other Benefit product! Also when it’s applied to the skin it creates a really smooth base, perfect for eye shadow.

Stay Don’t Stray, (worth £6,) is an eye and concealer primer. It seems really good and also smells like roses! Ooh la lift, (worth £5,) is an under eye brightening cream, which again smells like roses. I can’t wait to try it!


 Cha cha tint and sunbeam are two products I have been meaning to get my hands on for a while. Cha cha tint, (worth £5,) is a mango coloured stain, while sunbeam, (worth £4,)  is a golden toned highlighter perfect  for summer!

 This kit is so good for the price. For £20 you get products to the value of around £70 not bad really!

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