MakeUp Collection Lips: Sticks and Glosses

When I’m browsing YouTube I always love watching makeup collection videos, and seeing what people recommend. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always want them to go more into depth so I’ve decided to do just that in lots of different posts, as well as link any reviews I have done prior to this post! (*I will add that I am not in anyway trying to showoff, I just enjoy posts like these so decided to write my own.*)  The first one is all about my lipsticks and lipglosses! Enjoy…

First off are my 5 MUA lipsticks in, Juicy (£1), Shade 3 (£1), Shade 13 (£1), Pouty Pink (£1) and Peachy Keen (£1.) You just can’t argue with £1 a lipstick, can you? The pigmentation is spectacular in all of these, (except the matte two,) so, so high, not a translucent shade in sight in these five. The texture is so smooth and glides, almost elegantly onto the lips. The two matte shades are slightly less pigmented and the colour needs to be built up, other than that they are really good. The packaging isn’t great. It is only a £1 lipstick so it’s to be expected. Juicy is a coraly dark pinky peach colour. Shade 3 is a red toned dark pink, really vibrant and daring. Shade 13 is a light red, packed full of colour, the finish is quite glossy, but will transfer easily. Pouty Pink is a matte, a toned down neon pink. Finally Peachy Keen is similar to Juicy just matte and neon!

The SEVENTEEN Mirror Shine lipsticks disappoint me a bit. The texture of them is really smooth and they glide onto your lips nicely. Their packaging is also quite innovative, a little mirror slides out so you can do your lippie wherever! I also have a SEVENTEEN Supreme Shine Lipstick, the formula for these are super soft and shiny. Another lipstick in this set of 5  is an Avon one, the packaging for which is really interesting! Cheeky Secret* (£4.79) is what looks to be an amazing candy orange, which it is to a certain extent, just slightly more translucent than I’d usually want! Red Devil* (£4.99) is a completely different lipstick to the Mirror Shine range, instead of the slightly unimpressive translucent colour it is a full blown in your face, dark pinky red. I don’t wear this often as it is slightly scary, (and also as I don’t have any parties to go to!) Out of my three Mirror Shine lipsticks my favourite is Roasted Red* (£4.79). It’s a sheer red, which compliments pale skin beautifully. The next in the picture is Avon’s Rare Bling (Discontinued,) a burnt reddy purple with orange glitter, it’s not my normal colour but it’s nice nonetheless. The next is Camisole* (£4.79), basically just a transparent lipstick, I don’t get it. There is nothing of it what so ever, it seems really pretty in the stick, it just lacks pigmentation… Lots of pigmentation!

The next five are a mixture of a nude and pinks. The first is a Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 113 (£5.49.) I love the colour red so the packaging is perfect, as for the lipstick itself it is an orangey matte nude. It doesn’t match my skintone however I picked it up from Poundland so it was always going to be a gamble! The Collection Deluxe lipstick, in Talullah (£3.99,) is a current favourite of mine. It has a really creamy texture, with a smell of fake vanilla, (which I love!) The packaging is really cool with a holographic effect and the colour is such a nice not too vibrant pink! The Avon ColorTrend lipstick in Pink Holiday (£3.75) is quite a dissapointment, the packaging isn’t anything special neither is the colour. It’s very translucent an not the hot pink I was hoping for! Collection’s Lasting Colour lipstick in Bubblegum (£2.99,) apparently a dupe for MAC’s St Germain. It is an opaque barbie pink, that smells like sweets! Rimmel Lasting Finish In Pink Blush (£5.49) is more of a nudey pink, with slightly orangey undertones. It goes really well with pretty much any makeup look!


The majority of the next 5 are Revlon, (and light pink!) First is a lip butter in Juicy Papaya (£7.99.) Juicy Papaya is a pretty orange when swatched, and when on the lips it adds a beautiful glossy orange tint that lasts for ages. The packaging is also exquisite. Sleek’s lipstick in O.M.G! (£4.99) is an amazingly bright vibrant red, one of the loudest colours I have seen! I got this in a Glossybox, so didn’t get a choice on the colour. It’s not really a me colour and I haven’t used it at all really. Nonetheless the packaging is unique! Revlon’s Ultimate Suede collection seemed inviting, simple packaging, nice colour range. This is probably why I got one in Front Row (£8.99.)  Front Row is quite a sheer pink that is really smooth a easy to apply. The staying power is good but I don’t think they are anything particularly special as a collection. I really am a sucker for a pale pink lipstick! This next one is by NYC and is in Candy Rush (£1.99,) I wasn’t overly impressed with the packaging, but for such a small price it’s fine! The colour itself is a glossy light pink with a ton of glitter, not barbie pink though. The final in the five is another lip butter this time in Sugar Frosting (£7.99.) The colour is a dusty light rose with a mild orange and purple shimmer!


These four are a mix of highend (and No7!) The No7 lipstick, in Intrigue (£10.95,) is part of the Poppy King collection. The colour is dissapointment, on the box it looked like a light pinky brown nude. The stick a burnt red. The actual product? An almost non existant sheer red! The only good aspect I could find is the packaging! Next in the row is definatley not a dissapointment! It is Hue (£15) by MAC, it’s a glaze and my most worn lipstick since I got it in summer! It is a beautiful peachy nude perfect for anyone! Two Clinique products I recieved in ‘Bonus Times’ are a Butter Shine Lipstick in Pink-A-Boo (N/A) a sheer moisturising darkish pink and a Chubby Stick in Mega Melon (N/A) a slightly more pigmented Pink-A-Boo.

Onto the glosses…


First up is a L’Oreal GlamShine in Coral Strass (£6.99,) an orange tinted gloss with loads of fine orange glitter throughout giving it a pretty shine! I am in love with Benefit products at the moment. The sample of Coralista (N/A) I got in ELLE is no exception. It smells so amazing and tints your lips a tomatoey colour. Estee Lauder’s Garnet Desire (£15,) is a glittery reddy purple with a gold shimmer running all the way through, it’s quite Christmassy, and I wore it a lot over the festive period this year! Dandelion (N/A) is a favourite of mine, it’s a light peachy colour that smells and tastes sensational! A must have for everyone!! Finally in the five is another L’Oreal GlamShine, this time in Miss Candy (£6.99,) it is an almost identical dupe for Clinique’s Long Last gloss in Whisper!


The last glosses have some of my favourites in! First up is Natural Collection’s Toffee Cream (£1.99,) a creamy beige toffee smelling delight. It looks beautiful over the top of Hue by MAC. Rich Raspberry (£2.50) I purchased from Avon as a present for my friend but I fell in love with the dark raspberry gloss and kept it… Here is Clinique’s Long Last gloss in Whisper (£16) that I mentioned earlier, the dupe for which is Miss Candy by L’Oreal. It is a thick pale pink gloss with SPF 15, which is brilliant for summer. Avon Glazewear Shine in Iced Pink (Discontinued,) is a really nice subtle pink gloss, I find you can use this over a lipstick, but it looks better on its own! Finally for this five I have Natural Collection’s Raspberry Ripple (£1.99.) This was one of my first products, and I have repurchased it at least twice since I first got it. It’s really affordable and a beautiful milky pink, (is that weird?)

 I wasn’t sure where to put these, so they ended up at the end! First off is a lip lacquer from the Rimmel Apocalips range, this one is in Nova (£6.49.) Nova is quite a bright fuchsiary colour that my friend gave to me for my birthday. It’s not a go to colour, however I do like it. Collection’s Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Creams are amazing I have two, this one is Cotton Candy (£2.99), a dark, matte pinky red. I love the light vanillary scent it has, and the packaging is very compact. Another Apocalips, this time in Big Bang (£6.49,) a brilliant in your face red! Sadly this makes me look ghost like so barely gets used. The penultimate product is another Collection Lip Cream, this time in Powder Puff (£2.99.) This is my go to nude after Hue, it’s perfect it is matte but doesn’t dry my lips! My final product in this post is an Apoclips in Celestial (£6.49,) it is alike Nova just a more toned down colour!

So there it is, my lipstick and glosses collection post, it took over two weeks to write, I hope you enjoyed it!

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