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Stars and Stripes Glossybox

It feels hardly anytime has passed since I wrote my June Unboxing post, and to be fair it was only a couple of weeks ago. But I arrived home on Monday to find not one, but two, Glossyboxes waiting for me on my doorstep! After last months box I unsubscribed from the pay monthly scheme with intentions to get a three month subscription, and before I resubscribed an email popped into my inbox. This email told me that as a loyal customer who had unsubscribed I could claim a free Christmas box that they had left over if I chose any subscription that wasn’t the pay monthly; obviously I couldn’t resist, and here we are! I was never going to be able to resist though was I, with this offer I’d get four boxes for just over £38 instead of three, bargain!

Welcome To Glossybox

I half think Glossybox accidentally put this in because I have been a subscriber before, but I’m not complaining! I’m kind of sad that they stopped sending out their little magazines, as they were really cute and fun to read through on the arrival of your Glossybox, but hey ho, they still have the little menu cards so I shouldn’t really complain!

 This months box was named Stars and Stripes, and contains all products from American based companies. For starters I think the box design is my favourite out of all the Glossyboxes, I love how it’s based on the American flag and is matte in some places!

Carmex Lip Balm

First up I received this full size Carmex lip balm, now I have used a Carmex lip balm before, but it was one that was in a squeezy tube instead of a pot. Now like many people I am a lip balm hoarder and you can find at least one in pretty much every single bag I own, but I’m not saying this is a bad thing by any stretch if the imagination! This one is the same as the tube has and really does help my lips, it makes them tingle slightly but because of this I feel like I know it’s working almost. I like the packaging of this its compact but bright enough for you to always be able to find it in your bag, it also looks sturdy enough to last through day to day life.

Color Club Nail Polish in Glossy Seal

The next product is a nail polish by Color Club and this is in the shade Glossy Seal; this is also made in the US, (New York to be exact!) Currently I am growing my nails, so this will be perfect for once I have done so. It’s a dark teal kind of shade, so possibly too dark for Summer wear but perfect for the transition into Autumn maybe? I’ll have to wait and see!

bellapierre ruby

Sticking with the USA and red, white and blue theme we have a pink toned red lipstick by Bellapierre called Ruby. Another full size product, this one worth £20! This is really a really pretty colour ready for Summer and I can’t wait to wear it. Bellapierre are a mineral makeup brand who make a variety of products including lipsticks and mascaras. I really like the packaging of this particular lipstick as, although it is nothing flash, the quilting effect makes it look quite sleek and Chanelesque! The formula seems quite moisturising and how can you dislike a product with a slight vanilla smell?

bellapierre ruby swatch


Absolute New York Primer

Another full size item! This time takes the shape of an eye primer by Absolute New York, a brand I haven’t heard about before! The packaging isn’t anything special, simple yet sturdy, which is always good! The product itself is a light foundation colour, that when rubbed in disappears into the skin creating a base for eyeshadow.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes

The final product in the box was a sample size of Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes, a mascara I heard EssieButton talking about the other day. I don’t mind the fact it’s sample size as for travelling the full size mascaras can be bulky. Can we just take a minute to applaud the packaging of this!? I mean look at it! It’s a sample size mascara that is still beautiful; purple with leopard print, by the looks of it, embossed onto the packaging. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll probably know that I will buy a product just because of packaging!

Overall this box has wowed me! Every product was makeup and 4/5 were full sized and I will inevitably use them all, which is unusual because there are usually one or two products in a Glossybox I end up not using. As I do, every time I get a box, like to total up how much the box is worth just to see if a subscription is worth it. This months box is worth around £41 which is definitely worth the subscription, especially with the products this month!

 My post about my free box should be up in the next week or so, so keep a look out for that; it’s an amazing box!

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