8 Piece Brush Set

So quite a few weeks ago I had my birthday, and since then I have been on holiday and this is the first chance I have had to blog! Honestly over a week without WiFi and 3G hurt me a lot! Anyway I am back with WiFi, but back to school next week *sad face* so I am taking the time to schedule posts in advance to prepare for all the revision coming my way… Before I fully get into this post I do want to say that I am not at all trying to brag about what I received, I simply like reading these type of posts and hope that you will too.

 My birthday list this year mainly consisted of makeup and makeup tools because, as you might know, I am a makeup lover. I have been after a new set of affordable face brushes for a while and came across this set of eight whilst looking on Amazon and thought they looked great. My grandparents kindly got me them and I am in love with the set! The feel of these brushes is so soft to the touch, they’re even softer than the RealTechniques ones, (hard to imagine I know.) Obviously they don’t feel as well made and probably won’t last as long, however, for the price they are brilliant!

The four large face brushes are all great for foundation; but I prefer to use the tapered brush for working product under the eye, as it can get right into the corners, perfect for under eye concealer. This is a really useful brush as you can use the flat side to blend over larger areas or the top of the brush for more precise application. I want to see how well this does when I try Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer for the first time…(Yes I gave into the hype…Yes it was inevitable… No I am not sorry…)

 The next is an angled flat top brush, which I am currently using with my Glow All Out powder by Soap & Glory as it gives a beautiful dusting to the tops of my cheeks. As it is angled I can see that it could do well as a bronzer brush and possibly even a contour brush if used slanted. For the moment I think I am going to keep it for highlighter, however, I’m sure it will get used for foundation on more than one occasion.

The rounded top brush, although I don’t use it a lot at the moment, would be really good for blending in cream blush to give a natural flush, because of  its shape it shouldn’t pick up too much product and should make cream blush application a dream. Although I don’t own many cream blushes at the moment I will be trying it out soon!

 My current favourite for foundation however, is the flat top brush as I can really work the foundation into my skin and get a flawless finish. I use the brush in circular motions all over the face, concentrating on problem areas such as my forehead and cheeks, where I get most spots and redness. The bristles in this brush are really nicely packed together and flexible, giving me more control over where I deposit most product and how evenly it’s spread.

The smaller four of the set are basically scaled down versions of the larger face brushes, but I use them for different things. The angled flat top brush is really good for concealer, because it’s angled you can blend the concealer into the more difficult places that other brushes cannot reach.

 The more rounded top angled brush is quite good being used as a base eyeshadow brush. It covers the whole eye in a couple of swipes and is really useful for blending shadow into the crease.

 The tapered brush is my favourite at the moment for precision highlighting! Because it’s tapered it is perfect for using in the inner corner of your eye and also in your cupids bow.

The last brush is a flat top brush. I’m currently using this as a crease brush to blend shadow out. I can also see it would be useful for buffing concealer on those days when I am going without foundation.

 Overall these brushes are great if you’re just starting out in makeup. They have so many uses and if you’re looking for a gift to give, I’m sure these will be much appreciated by anyone that receives them. Granted they are not as good quality as brushes costing twice the amount, however, they are not half bad for the price.

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