Unboxing August Glossybox

August Glossybox

Before I start I’m going to issue a *spoiler alert* in case any of you haven’t opened your Glossyboxes, (I doubt this very much but just to be on the safe side!) First things first I have to say Happy Birthday to Glossybox, *cue music and singing…* They are three this year and have sent out over 6 million boxes according to the card, how I wish all those products were mine!

August Glossybox

August Glossybox Contents

The cute menu is replaced, this month, with a parcel shaped card to mark their third birthday. As it is their birthday, each box has an extra product in! I also think that this month they have changed the box slightly as it seems to have been made matte instead of shiny, I actually prefer them like this.

Glossybox Kryolan Highlighter

The first product in the box has been especially created for Glossybox by Kryolan and is a beautiful champagne coloured highlighter. I am really loving highlighting products to give my skin a healthy glow at the moment and after using this a couple of times I can say that I really like the glowy effect it has on my skin. The product feels really creamy and blends out a dream making it really difficult to create an unnatural finish to the skin.


Figs & Rouge Hand Cream

I am very much not a hand cream person; I like the smell of Nivea’s hand creams, as well as Soap & Glorys’ Hand Food. I was hoping that I would like this Figs & Rouge Hand Cream but… I really don’t. The actual product is alright, it’s just the smell I cannot stand! Apparently the smell is Rose Berry; I can’t detect the smell of rose, nor can I smell berry, the scent is just so overpowering and I’m not a fan at all.

Yves Rocher Nail Polish

The only other Yves Rocher product I own is a sample size wrinkle cream, coincidentally from a previous Glossybox. This is a rather little bottle of nail polish in the shade 14. Rose, and it is now one of the cutest little bottles of polish I own! To be fair this pinky shade is not something you’ll usually find on my nails but I’m sure I’ll use it at some point or another.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

An interesting inclusion to the box, apparently this product was originally created for Audrey Hepburn, and is a pre-shampoo hair treatment. This claims to deliver ‘unrivaled elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine,’ however, I have yet to try this out as it does require adding extra time to your hair care regime. I do like the packaging; minimal but quite stylish.

Pep Cosmeceuticals Sun Cream

Sun cream is always useful to have and a mini 7ml bottle is perfect. I like this as it doesn’t give your face a white tint like other sun cream does. It feels really light when applied and I feel like I’m not using any sun cream at all! This is probably because it is meant to be used daily as a day cream.

Lalique L'Amour Perfume

Ah the dreaded perfume sample…never really excites me and I’ve received way too many of these in Glossyboxes. This is Lalique L’Amour;it smells alright, but it is not the sort of perfume I wear regularly, it is however, better designed than most samples as it had a lid instead of a spray! Wooo!

 All in all this birthday box has not been as exciting as it could have been, yes you got an extra product but I would have preferred more makeup items and maybe no perfume sample. The box is worth just over £33, most of that being made up by the highlighter. I am still excited to see what next months box has in store, fingers crossed for more makeup products!

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