Battle of the Lip Balms

I must own about 30 lip balms in total, if you search in all my bags and coat pockets that is, currently in the drawer next to me I have four, which is kind of ridiculous really. But that got me thinking, out of the three lip balm products I use most often, which actually does its job best?

Best lip balms for dry lips

If you read my posts quite a lot you’ll probably have heard me complain about my dry lips and dry skin on numerous occasions, my skin in winter would probably come under the category of extremely dry, it gets that bad. Because of the dryness I have tried so many of  the moisturisers and lip balms out there, the three lip balms I currently use a lot are the Nivea Lip Butter, The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm and Benefit’s Benebalm. I’ve given these three a fair test over the last three months or so and am more than ready to give my judgement on them, so here goes. (Which one do you think will be the best?)


 I currently have a backup of Benebalm because I got it in a set at Christmas and I was rather happy that I did. This balm wouldn’t be the overall winner if you have dry lips like myself, it won’t fix them but it does offer a quick hit of moisture and a sheer wash of colour. It’s not a heavy duty balm, however, out of the three it is the prettiest, (but it does cost the most…)

Nivea Lip Butter

 I’ve used Nivea lip balms for years now, especially after I burnt my lips on holiday in France a few years ago. I bought this a while a go after I saw a couple of YouTuber’s raving about it. Now one thing I don’t like about this is that you have to use your finger to apply which is kind of eewww but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good product because it is. It’s moisturising and smoothes my dry and cracking lips but I’ll be honest it’s still not the best. It provides relief for about 20 minutes or so but then I’ll have to reapply, but on the plus side it smells amazing!

The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm

 I saved the best till last of course. This is The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm, this is a balm that is always about my person. This is not only a stick balm, my personal favourite type of balm, but it also is incredibly hydrating, moisturising and soothing. It doesn’t have the best taste or smell but it does help my lips. By using this throughout a day my dryness decreases and my lips stop cracking too much. This balm also is great under matte lipsticks as it stops the tight, dry feeling they can sometimes create. If you’re a sufferer of dry lips this is for you, especially as it has the added bonus of SPF 15, (goodbye sun burnt lips!)

I definitely would recommend all three, but for different reasons: Benebalm if you want a sheer lip tint, Nivea’s Lip Butter if you want quick relief and The Body Shop’s Vitamin E balm is the one you need if you’re lips are not a fan of winter. What are your lip balm recommendations? I’ve heard the NUXE balm is pretty good!



  1. Vildana Šuta
    March 19, 2016 / 2:38 pm

    Great post! When I needed to buy a good lip balm to carry with me in the school I avoided the Nivea lip butter because I agree it's kind of ewwww to apply it with your finger especially when you are at school and obviously your hands are kinda dirty and since I've got really sensitive skin, that'd be really bad for me. But I've heard a lot about that product and I believe it's great, but for m- it's a big no. xxVildana from :

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      March 20, 2016 / 5:39 pm

      I know what you mean about the Nivea pot it isn't ideal but it's still a good balm!xx

  2. EmsAlice
    March 19, 2016 / 5:58 pm

    The body shop one sounds really lovely. I usually just use vaseline but would love to try some of these xoEmily |

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      March 20, 2016 / 5:38 pm

      The Body Shop one is my favourite overall, I used to use vaseline but it didn't seem to help my dry lips xx

  3. A Little Dose of Makeup
    March 20, 2016 / 1:59 am

    I love the Benefit Balms, they are so hydrating and I love the colors!xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      March 20, 2016 / 5:28 pm

      I've got benetint, posietint and lollitint and they're all so pretty!xx

  4. Pinja
    March 21, 2016 / 7:01 am

    I haven't tried any of these exact ones, but I do have the Nivea coconut one. For me that is a little bit too sticky but I like to use it at night before going to bed as it definitely does the job! 🙂 xx

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      March 22, 2016 / 10:21 pm

      The stickiness is a little too much sometimes but I always know it's doing its job!xx

  5. Saara Sofia
    March 21, 2016 / 8:09 am

    The Body Shop's vitamin E range has been super popular and it's apparently really amazing! I haven't tried anything from it yet but I might just start with this lip balm as it sure sounds great!

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      March 22, 2016 / 10:23 pm

      Definitely try the Body Shop balm, it is my lifesaver!xx

  6. Imperfectly Rachel
    March 22, 2016 / 11:47 am

    When I read the title of this post I just knew I had to read it! I've been using vaseline this winter for the first time every night and it definitely helps but I hate having to apply it with a finger! I will definitely be giving The Body Shop one a try!

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      March 22, 2016 / 10:26 pm

      There are so many lip balms out there it's hard to know which one works the best, I'm glad you liked the post I'm planning to another one soon!xx

  7. Maira
    March 24, 2016 / 10:54 pm

    My go-to lip balm is Palmer's Cocoa Butter; it costs under £2, so I think it's worth a try! It absolutely saved my lips a couple winters ago and since then, I actually never experienced another case of really dry lips – I think it's because I use this every single day, especially slathering it on before bed. Maira @

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      March 24, 2016 / 11:55 pm

      Ooh sounds good I haven't tried Palmers for a while, it sounds like it works for you, I might have to try it!xx

  8. Kirsty Broadhead
    April 17, 2016 / 1:35 pm

    I suffer from dry lips BADLY in the winter… moving onto summer and they don't seem to be getting any better?! I'll have to look into these products!

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      April 17, 2016 / 10:47 pm

      If you only pick up one, try to get the Body Shop one!xx

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