Going to the Zoo (Zoo..Zoo…)

I turned 17 almost two weeks ago and how does one celebrate this? By going to the zoo of course! Now I’m afraid this won’t be a massively long descriptive post on the animals etc instead it will be a few snaps of my favourites!

Marwell Zoo Penguins

 A visit to the penguins was a must because my boyfriend loves them so much. We even stayed to watch them be fed and hear a talk on them. Apparently Echo the penguin gets fat during malting season which is why we saw him belly flop into the pool on a couple of occasions.

Marwell Zoo Penguins

 Now this photo shows my immaturity. This is the Jackass Penguin, they look rather cute really. Perhaps they’re the f**kboys of the penguin world?

Marwell Zoo Meerkats

 The meerkats were adorable. There was one meerkat on lookout while the rest were cuddled up and sleeping. My boyfriend also found out, with the meerkat on guards help, that snapchat filters work on meerkats. If you’re intrigued I would check my Instagram.

Marwell Zoo Giraffe

 The main event was obviously, for me at least, the giraffes. They are my favourite animal and I even bought a giraffe toy at the zoo. The giraffes made my birthday complete as I got to stroke one!! Now you might think that’s not too ‘wow’ but to me it was amazing. The giraffes at Marwell Zoo are fenced off slightly and it is completely up to the giraffes whether they want to interact. Luckily I must have been there at the right time as as I stuck my hand up when a giraffe was walking it bent through the wires of the fence and let me stoke its snout. Which isn’t as velvety as a horses snout I now know. Anyway that made my day amazing, so I thank that giraffe.

I didn’t take too many photos, well not enough good ones, but I still thought I would share the few I did like. After this trip I did pop along to Jemma from Dorkface’s Etsy store and order a giraffe print as a happy birthday extra present for myself, (and a thank you to the giraffe!)

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  1. Shelley Jessup
    August 15, 2016 / 10:00 pm

    I always have to visit some kind of animal place when I celebrate my birthdays 🙂

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