5 Ways to Use Your TangleTeezer

Let’s be honest TangleTeezer‘s sprung onto the scene and most of us probably now own one. They’re perfect for so many people with their flexible, plastic bristles and work great in the shower. But that got me thinking what are the best five uses for a TangleTeezer, and here we are!

Best way to use a TangleTeezer

1.With Hair Oil –

Last time I went to the hairdressers I was told that for some reason my hair is super dry at the ends which is why it sometimes mattes. To combat this she said I should be using hair oil on the ends after I shower, luckily I already had a L’Oreal hair oil at home that I could use. It started well, I pumped some onto my hand and proceeded to apply it to the ends. What I didn’t anticipate was than when my hair was wet a little would go a long way and I had made my hair look greasy and gross. How to fix this seemed like an interesting question so I turned to my TangleTeezer. Most other brushes you can’t wash particularly easily which meant it wouldn’t work with them however, I realised that with my TangleTeezer I could brush out the excess oil and rinse it off with little trouble from my brush. It works really well and means that if I ever over apply hair oil it’s so easy to fix.

2.With Dry Shampoo –

We’ve all been there, three day old hair and still no motivation to wash it as let’s be honest it takes ages. So you grab the can of dry shampoo and massage it into your hair probably using more than you need as you don’t want people to know you haven’t washed it for  ages. Now the first time I used dry shampoo I didn’t quite realise that you had to brush it out and ended up with dry shampoo flakes on my all black school uniform which wasn’t a good look. Now I end up brushing it out with more vigour than you need and with a TangleTeezer because of the dual length bristles actually gets any excess flakes out.

3.With Thickening Hairspray – 

My hair doesn’t do volume particularly well without help – I think this is to do with the fact I have long hair which drags everything down. But anyway lately I have decided that the only way to get the volume I wanted was to backcomb. I know people say to use a comb but my TangleTeezer works better than any comb I own. Twinned with a thickening hairspray bamn! My hair is voluminous and bouncy.

Tangle Teezer with Hairspray

4.When in the Shower – 

How many times have you been told to not brush your hair when wet? I’m guessing quite a few as I have been told too many times, but let’s be honest we all probably do. As I mentioned earlier my hair is dry and if I don’t brush it in the shower it mattes while drying which isn’t exactly ideal when you want nice hair the next day. This is why I take my TangleTeezer in the shower, it’s not like other brushes it won’t absorb the water leaving you hassle free hair brushing mid shower. It even means you can brush through your conditioner to make sure everywhere is covered and rinse it off after!

5.As a Head Massager – 

In my opinion this is the best use of all, especially if you’ve had a particularly stressful day. This might sound strange but I press this onto a section of hair and wiggle it. If you’re one who likes intense head massages you might just like this budget option as oppose to going to a spa. I’ll be honest it’s more of a head scratcher but that’s my kind of massage really. It’s really stress relieving especially if I can’t reach the spot myself.

Tangle Teezer Uses

I love my TangleTeezer I have two now and I convinced my mum to get one not too long ago. If you like bright or bold hair tools (which sometimes collab with Lulu Guinness) and are multipurpose you might like one. Though in a fight between TangleTeezer and hair straightener the TangleTeezer does come out with a flesh wound it will work still the same! I may be talking from experience there… oopsy…

This post was sponsored by TangleTeezer however all views are my own and all content was written by me. See my full disclaimer here…


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