October YouBeauty: Foreo, Hydraluron, Fruu

Now YouBeauty used to be my favourite beauty box out there but lately I’ve been a little underwhelmed by the lack of interesting goodies for my age group especially, see last months ‘look 10 years younger’ serum. But I kept it this month because I love parcels and I thought I should try and get into skincare more.

You Beauty October

 This month was all about Changing Season which to me would mean berry lipsticks and blush but instead there was a heavy lean towards skincare. I decided that as my skin gets super dry I would see if there was anything that could save it available.

You Beauty October

 First up I chose a sheet mask for the second month in a row. This one is the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask, let’s be honest  anything with the words ‘moisture’ and ‘boost’ in the title have me from the get go. Now the Fruu Avocado Lip Balm is probably the only thing from a beauty box that I have ever probably hated. There was a choice between avocado and coconut and as I dislike coconut naturally I chose avocado. Worst. Decision. Ever. I despise the smell and it’s going in the bin as I can’t inflict that on anyone else. Finally is the star of the box: Foreo Day Cleanser which is a full size product! As I said, I am very interested in skincare at the moment this had to be a choice. Currently I am using the Soap&Glory Peaches&Clean cleanser but that’s nearly all gone so this will definitely be tried next.

You Beauty October

 The goodies in this months box were the Montagne Jeunesse Sock and Glove Masques. They’re not the most interesting freebies but I’ll take it!

Overall it wasn’t hugely impressive except for the price £8.95. I think I will keep my subscription until Christmas and make my mind up then whether to keep on or not. Some months it is great value but sadly others aren’t so good.

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