Brush Works Sponge Set Review*

Everyone is bringing out makeup sponges; Real Techniques have some interesting shaped ones. Beauty Blender have cute mini ones and now I have this set from Brush Works* which has three sponges that I’ve been testing out lately.

Brush Works Blender Sponge Set on a H&M Silver Pineapple Tray

 I’m very much a fan of the beauty sponge for my makeup, I’ve been switching between the RealTechniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and the Nanshy 4 in 1 Sponge. My favourite is the RT Sponge as the Nanshy one doesn’t expand enough for me so I don’t feel it works the product into the skin as well. That’s where this Brush Works set fits in. The set comes with three sponges: the purple acorn shaped sponge and two little pink teardrop shape brushes. They look exactly like mini beauty blenders, The set comes in at £5.50 which is really good as you get three sponges and my RT sponge is about £6.99 for one.

The best way I saw to test these out was to use them while creating a Halloween makeup look as let’s be honest you do so much more than normally you would. Obviously the most important thing about a makeup sponge is how much it expands when you wet it. For baking this doesn’t matter but foundation it’s a must, (for me anyway!) Now both types of sponge expand to a impressive size but the smaller teardrop ones expand the best.

The acorn sponge is perfect for bouncing foundation onto the skin. I prefer to use sponges as they give a more airbrushed look to the skin however it does take longer to apply in my opinion. While I like the flatter end of the sponge the pointed end isn’t quite pointy enough for my liking. It can get around the corner of my nose but it can’t quite make under my eyes. Luckily the pink teardrop sponges get right into the under eye areas.

As you get two smaller teardrop sponges you get to use for powder if you’re in to baking. As I don’t bake too often I found that you could use one, when doing FX makeup, for fake blood and it applied really nicely. It made it look even which is difficult when you use just a cotton bud.

If  you need a new sponge, (or three,) I would definitely try this set. The little ones are perfect for concealers, and cream eyeshadow bases and the big one will make your face look flawless. They’re only £5.99 and you can’t really go wrong as you’re getting three sponges.

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