SensatioNail Gel to Polish Kit*

You’re looking for a last minute gift, you want something innovative, different and unique? Well I think I might have just the thing: The SensatioNail Gel to Polish Kit* I was sent this a few months ago and I already had the normal kit they do but just had to try turning my favourite polishes into gel.

Sensationail Gel to Polish


The normal kits come with a SensatioNail gel polish, I got the french manicure one which came with both white and pink polish. Since then I have purchased other brands UV gel polish of Amazon to use which work amazingly. The thing is that now I have the option to do gel nails, why would I use my normal nail polishes which don’t last as long (the gel kit lasts up to two weeks!) This new kit in effect completely saves all my polishes which were being neglected which is perfect for the polish lover who hates a chipped mani!

Sensationail Gel to Polish

 Above is everything in the kit (minus the NailsInc and rose gold polish.) The UV lamp, gel primer, gel cleanser, polish to gel solution, lint free pads, a nail file and cuticle stick. The lamp isn’t huge which means you could easily take it on holiday with you if you like to switch up your polish a lot.

The way in which the gel to polish element works is varied. SensatioNail give two ways to do it.

  1. Use the Gel to Polish solution as a sealer.
    This way doesn’t last as long but if you can’t get the hang of the other method this is one to try. First a base of gel to polish, then apply the polish of your choice and wait to dry, then finally seal it with the gel to polish.
  2. Mix it up!
    The way to longest lasting nail polish possible. Take two parts gel to polish and mix one part normal nail polish. After one coat of gel to polish apply your mix in thin layers until it’s opaque enough, then seal with gel to polish.

I’ll be honest the process takes a while the first couple of times but once you get used to it you can do your nails in probably around 20 minutes. Now this may be longer than it usually takes you to do your nails but they should last a lot longer than usual nail polish.

It’s not the cheapest set, it can be anywhere between £50 and £35 depending where you go. I would always check Boots and the SensatioNail website as they always seem to have deals on if you’re thinking of getting a kit!

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