Boxing Day Sale Survival in Lush

Now this was meant to be a collective Boxing Day haul but as the majority of my purchases were from Lush, bar one box of Lego for myself, it became a Lush only haul! I was one of those who decided to brave the shops rather than stick to online shopping. There was a 45 minute queue in my local Lush but the staff were wonderful and entertaining. I decided for fun to check the Lush website when I got back and I was behind over 99,000 people so I’m glad I ventured into town.

Lush Boxing Day Haul

 Compared to some people in the shop my spending was quite reserved. I saw people coming out saying to the people with them that they had spent around £100. I know it’s a good deal and whatnot but that’s a little excessive even for me! I only got 6 products for me, I also picked up Stardust bath bomb for my little brother and Salt and Peppermint Bark scrub bar for my mum.

Lush Boxing Day Haul

 So here is my rather modest haul. I decided that I really did want to try the Peeping Santa bubble bar. He looked so cute in the shop and smelt really good. I’m not completely sure what the scent is meant to be but for me, I smell cocoa butter as well as strawberry. I can’t wait to see what it’s like in the bath. Then I got another Father Christmas bath bomb. I think it shares its scent with Snow Fairy but for me it’s a little less overpowering than the normal shower gel. The final bath related product was the Golden Wonder bath bomb, this is a cult favourite but this is the first time I will have tried it because it’s quite expensive. I’ll have to let you know whether it is worth the price tag. I then picked up another Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub, I think I have around three now, but I love the scent so maybe three can be justified!

Jason and the Argan Shampoo

Now this wasn’t in the sale but I needed a new shampoo and as I’ve been loving Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar I picked up another. The first time I tried this was when I received it in August, (I only wrote up the review a few weeks ago!) I would have featured this amazing product in my Lush favourites post not long ago however it wasn’t in any shape to be photographed, and by that I mean it was a gloopy mess in the bottom of a large Lush tub. To stop that happening again I invested in one of the Lush tubs, they’re £2.50 per tub but they’re reusable and I fully intend to get my money’s worth. It’s the same with the shampoo bar, this one costs £5.95 so is quite expensive for shampoo usually, except this one lasted me almost 5 months which is quite impressive and probably quite cost effective too. It does smell of sweet roses which you might not like but there are plenty of other scents to try, I think I might try a different one next time myself.

If you braved the Lush sale too let me know what you picked up and what your favourite products are. Also I’d love to see any Boxing Day haul posts, I love being nosey!

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