Origins Facemasks: My Quick Fix or Miracle Cure?

You might remember that all the way back in August I wrote about a BritishBeautyBlogger box containing Origins facemasks. Since then I have tried and tested almost all of the products included and think they all deserve a bit of recognition. Some might even deserve repurchasing.

Origins Facemask Review

 The box itself was an incredible deal at only £20, it even included full size products worth more than the box itself. If you ever see another BBBxLatestInBeauty collaboration I would definitely order it, simply because of the value and then on top of that the amazing products. She’s even collaborated with Clinique as you can see here. (Yes, I may have ordered that one too…)

Origins Maskimizer VitaZing By All Greens

 Starting with the skincare and also where the full size products are. The Maskimizer seemed somewhat a gimmick to me when I first looked into it. This is £18.50 for a 95ml bottle, so is by no means cheap. The Maskimizer is a facemask primer, it claims to soften, hydrate and optimise the skin’s condition. Apparently there is an optimum temperature at which facemasks work and this spray will lower the temperature of the face so it can do just that. It has a pleasant scent, it’s very fresh and I personally think minty. I have been using this before facemasks to see if I think it does really make a difference and to be fair it makes probably only a small difference. My skin feels slightly more refreshed if I’ve used this but it’s nothing to write home about. I’m probably going to use this more as an expensive hydrating face spray.

On a more exciting note: I finally found a tinted moisturiser that doesn’t turn me orange. VitaZing is not something I would have discovered on my own at a hefty £29. It claims to be energy boosting but I’m not sure how I would measure that on my skin at the moment. This contains SPF 15 which in this kind of product is fundamental; VitaZing slowly tints the skin, letting it glow subtly through the day. It needs SPF as this is not a product that you would use under foundation, it’s a standalone summer product for me, one you choose on a lazy day when there are a few errands to run.

The first mask I’m going to show you is By All Greens, a foam cleansing mask to unclog pores, which retails for £30. I was really surprised by this product, Jane said it was like green juice for the skin and it really is. The first time I applied it I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, it looks like a green paste when it’s dispensed but then foams up when you massage it into wet skin. I’m trying to use it sparingly as I love it and can’t afford the £30 for another bottle!

Origins Facemasks Drink Up Intensive GinZing Original Skin

 The fun bit is of course the facemasks! Starting with Drink Up Intensive, £24, which is probably my favourite scent out of all the masks. It’s fruity and one for the overnight mask lovers, or dry skin sufferers like myself. You simply have to massage it into the skin and tissue off any excess and fall asleep letting the magic happen. This genuinely does help my dry skin, quenching it’s thirst ready for makeup the next day.

GinZing is the ultimate blogger facemask. It’s not only copper coloured but it is also visibly metallic! Is this not what dreams are made of? It says it will refine and refresh the skin, its strong orange scent definitely refreshes, I also love the fact it is a peel off mask as they’re so much easier to use if you’re not planning on having a shower. At £24 it’s not necessarily the cheapest mask out there but if you want a copper, metallic facemask this would be the one.

Another one for us dry skin sufferers is Original Skin, £24. It contains rose clay and used jojoba beads to remove dead skin from the surface.When it’s on it makes your skin feel quite tight but in a way I like that as it feels like it’s working. The exfoliation happens mostly when you remove it as the beads get a chance to rub against the skin, you do find random beads on your face if you don’t quite get it all off, but they’re hardly noticeable and I just think about it as extra exfoliation! Once I take it off my skin feels ridiculously smooth which makes makeup application dreamy.

Origins Mask Pods

These last three are Facemask Pods, for £2.50 each you can take one of their bestselling masks travelling with you. The pods contain 10ml which is more than enough for around 4 full face coverings. What’s even better is that two of these are 10 minute masks so you could apply them while packing for a holiday or eating breakfast. You can get four of their masks in pod form: Drink Up, Clear Improvement, Out of Trouble and Original Skin, I kind of wish GinZing was available in pod form as it is gorgeous.

I’m almost certainly going to repurchase Drink Up Intensive, and I’m not ruling out getting By All Greens and Original Skin but neither are cheap so I’ll see if either create magical effects on my skin. Like I said the Maskimizer does seem a little gimmicky but you might find it works wonders. This box was certainly worth the £20 I spent and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another if the opportunity arose.

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