Your Valentine’s Day Lipstick: Red or Pink?

It’s only a couple of weeks away before Valentine’s Day arrives so I thought it was time for the themed posts. I do something similar to this post every year simply because I believe that we are somewhat divided between whether to go for a bright bold red or a nude style pink for Valentine’s!

Valentine's Day Lipsticks

I chose three of each, ranging from liquid lipstick, to gloss, to balm and to your normal everyday lipstick. The pinks were the easiest to choose for me as I’ve been using them quite often over the last few weeks, I apologise that two of the three are from NYX but they are a favourite brand of mine. First off in the pinks is the lipgloss, this is the choice for those who want a light colour that isn’t going to last through dinner. It’s a beautiful bright pink that matches almost every type of eye makeup you could try for your Valentine’s look. The second pink is from Urban Decay, Naked. It’s definitely a pinky nude rather than a statement pink and I love it. I think that this will be the lipstick I choose to wear. The final pink is probably a marmite product, some people love the NYX soft matte lip creams, and other people really dislike them. As I love them I included the deep pink Prague, for if you want a statement lip that isn’t a red.

Onto the reds and we start with Clinique Lip Pop in Cherry Pop. It’s a bright red which is sure to get you noticed, the only worry with this is that it does like to smudge so try a lipliner underneath. (I always use MAC’s Brick.)  If you want a bit of colour but your lips aren’t feeling the best, perhaps go for the Benefit Benebalm choice. It’s hydrating and adds a red tint, you can definitely take it with you and reapply if your lips are feeling dry. My final choice would be the Saturated Cosmetics Lady in Red. It’s a deep, blue toned red, perfect for making sure you teeth look whiter than usual, and for adding a touch of glamor.

Valentine's Day Lipstick Swatches

 Those are the swatches above, in the order I wrote about them. I’m torn between wearing Prague and Naked for Valentine’s so I’ll have to see what makeup I choose on the night. If you’ve any suggestions for other reds and pinks I should try, I’d love to know!

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