LUSH Home For Christmas Giftset

Firstly, yes I know Christmas was around 3 months ago and this post is really rather late and I apologise for that, but I really wanted to post about it regardless of the date as you can still get some of the products I think. Secondly, this was a gift from my boyfriend. Which means the poor soul dragged himself into Lush, chose a gift he liked the smell of and lived to tell the tale! So I am very proud of him because that’s no easy feat for a guy and he managed to pick a gift with products I really like too!

LUSH Home For Christmas Giftset

Home for Christmas features three of Lush’s most calming products, in my opinion. A shower gel, a body lotion and a bar of soap. I don’t tend to use bars of soap for washing myself as I have a huge collection of shower gels that I need to get through. Instead I use bars of soap to clean my brushes with as Lush soaps don’t seem to dry out my hands and they clean my brushes really thoroughly.

LUSH Home For Christmas Giftset

First up in the box was a new product for Christmas 2016 which was the Sleepy body lotion. If I remember rightly this shares its scent with the Twilight family, so it’s a calming lavender apparently designed to help you sleep. I haven’t started using it yet as I have about 4 different body lotions/butters on the go so I’m trying to be good. Rose Jam is usually a Christmas exclusive, however it can be found year round in the Rosie gift set. It smells like Turkish delight in my opinion rather than some rose products which smell like grandmas. (If you know what I mean.) Finally is Serendipity soap which also follows the relaxing lavender theme, just this time with chamomile too. This does make my brushes smell amazing, it’s an inoffensive smell as you can imagine but it is definitely calming.

Let’s be honest, Will did a good job didn’t he? Though I might find myself having to share Rose Jam as I know he quite likes the smell!

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  1. Kate Rose xo
    March 15, 2017 / 9:37 am

    This is such a lovely box and the pieces in it sound great! Might have to treat myself haha. XKate//

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