NUXE Lip Balm Review

It’s not usual for a lip balm to blow me away, mainly because I try so many and I suffer from extremely dry lips. I’ve tried everyone’s suggestion of Vaseline but I don’t feel it hydrates, if anything it just creates a barrier than doesn’t let moisture in or out. Maybelline’s Baby Lips are, let’s be honest, gimmicky and while Lanolips isn’t bad I don’t feel the moisture lasts too long. Luckily my LoveMeBeauty subscription allowed me to try the NUXE Reve De Miel lip balm which has been recommended to me so many times!

NUXE Lip balm Review

It might seem like a quite expensive at £9.50 for a lip balm. It does contain 15ml of product and so far I have used it solidly for around 2 weeks and I have barely scratched the surface. It’s not a traditional balm in my eyes, for me it is a lot creamier and a lot more moisturising than any balm I’ve tried. You need the smallest amount on your finger and it covers and moisturises for a hell of a lot longer than any other. I find it works well as a nighttime lip treatment: I apply double the amount I would put on during the day, after using a lip scrub. I then leave it to soak in overnight and my lips feel hydrated come the morning unlike usual when they feel tight and flaky.

Obviously, trying to justify a lip balm just under £10 isn’t easy which is why I suggest trying to get it when it’s on offer. FeelUnique often have good discounts on NUXE so definitely take a look there.  The only thing I wish I could change about this balm is that it’s in a tub which isn’t the most hygienic way to apply, if they did a stick version of this exact formula I would already have bought backups. Overall, if you have stupidly dry lips, like myself, this is a genuine god send. I no longer have to deal with applying lip balms which half do the job 100 times a day!

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