Under the Mistletoe With Lush

Again I have to apologise as it is the end of March and here I am writing about a Christmas gift set. I’m quite far behind on posts, as you can probably tell, which is why in the build up to exams I am limiting myself to one post a week (maybe two if I’m on top of everything!)

Lush Under the Mistletoe

Anyway today’s post is all about the Lush Under the Mistletoe gift set which was available Christmas time. Luckily some of the products featured are available in different scents and I will do my best to recommend alternatives to try! I received this gift set from my mum and I’m working my way through the bits one by one.

Lush Under the Mistletoe

First up the set includes Fairy Dust which was new to Christmas in 2015, I now have around three of these as I completely forget to use them after showering as it is a little bit of a faff. However, it does smell amazing, it shares its scent with Snow Fairy so why wouldn’t you want to try it? Now I know this is a Christmas exclusive so you’re unlikely to be able to get your hands on it now but their Silky Underwear dusting powder is one of my favourites from a few years ago; it makes your skin so so smooth.

Next was the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner and I only think body conditioners are available in the Kitchen so keep checking there. The Snow Fairy one, unsurprisingly smells like Snow Fairy but the scent lingers on your skin for a lot longer than the shower gel which is perfect for me as I love the smell.

I love the Lush Lip Scrubs so much, my long time favourite is the Bubblegum one which is available all year round. I think I have around 3 of the Sugar Plum Fairy scrubs now though as I picked one up in the sale and got a couple as gifts so I am fully stocked up. This shares its scent with the Comforter, a fan favourite, so it’s a fruity scrub which tastes so good.

Rub Rub Rub is a body scrub which is available all year round *queue cheers* so don’t worry this is one you can definitely get. It’s a sea salt and lemon mix and both me and my mum love the scent. It leaves your skin (and bathroom) smelling heavenly and it definitely gets rid of your dry skin.

Finally is Shooting Stars soap, it’s pleasant and fruity scent but I’m not a big soap fan. I plan to use it to clean my brushes which makes them smell wonderful. Lush do so many soaps so you’re sure to find one you like if you’re looking.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post as I said at the start I’m cutting down to one post a week in May, that will be Saturday’s, so I’ll see you then!

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