Anyone Can Blog, But Can We All Be Successful?

It’s not often that I’ll do a post in response to another, but today is an exception. Recently I read an amazing and eye opening post from Holly over at TheKittyLuxe (who I’m sure you all follow already!) Anyway her post discussed so called ‘levelling up’ within the blogging industry and how sometimes we can find ourselves floundering and unable to progress. I read the post the day it was published and since then couldn’t help but wonder whether there is enough room for all of us – and also what we all class as success.

Anyone can blog

Holly’s post spoke about the different blogging levels: from starting out to reaching the glass ceiling and being able to go further. This struck a chord with me because I’ve been blogging for quite a few years now. I’ve never committed perhaps as much as others; my blogging commitment dies down when I’m busy or during the exam period. I used to always make myself available for the #bbloggers chat on Wednesday and Sunday nights, but I no longer necessarily have time to which is a shame and I haven’t seen as much growth as I used to. Similarly, I used to schedule 5/6 tweets per day to promote my blog, when I did that consistently one month I gained over 1000 new Twitter followers, which was quite amazing. But then life got in the way and sadly, as blogging is my hobby, it got put on the back burner.

But then, does your following equate to success? Gaining followers is an achievement to me, it shows that my hard work is paying off and that people are appreciating my content. Would I say I’m a success in the blogging world? That depends. While my following is growing, albeit slowly, I have had some incredible opportunities. I recently became a brand ambassador for Magnitone, every now and then I receive offers to try out products. Would I be able to make a living off my blog? Definitely not, but I’m not trying to. My blog is my hobby, and I can’t see myself ever going full time with it because then it would become stressful and it’s currently my way of escaping. Luckily, success to me isn’t about money or numbers. Success to me is enjoying what I blog about, and knowing that if I need to take a step back I can.

Like I said in the title: anyone can blog. All it takes it a subject and a few clicks on google and you’re done. I love that more and more people are getting into blogging, it’s a great hobby to have. Not only does it showcase your writing ability, you get to meet new people and you become an organisation queen (or king.) Being successful, is a different matter and how successful you are depends on what you, individually, class as success. If it’s growing a following and becoming a major influencer, it might take you years but there’s nothing to stop you. If it’s getting ‘free stuff’ (I’d say you’re in blogging for the wrong reason,) you can work with brands but it won’t be instant.

Your success depends on you primarily. Yes there are factors which might affect your success: who you know, money, etc. But you don’t have to let these things hold you back – create your own niche, work hard – as long as you’re enjoying blogging I believe you are successful. There’s my two cents for you, hopefully you made it through the whole post, congratulations if you did, it was quite wordy. (And don’t worry, I’ll be back writing beauty very soon.)

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