My First (But Definitely Not Last) Charlotte Tilbury Products

I don’t know about you, but I find that some brands just ooze class, maybe it’s the packaging or perhaps simply just the product, but there’s definitely something that gives them the wow factor. For me one such brand has to be Charlotte Tilbury. Everyone loves her products, the packaging is very blogger friendly and you can’t fault the marketing. Up until my birthday I hadn’t really had the chance to try anything – sure I had a few of the lipstick pocket type things, but they’re no comparison to a proper product.

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms

 When it came to collating my wish list I was sceptical about adding anything from Charlotte Tilbury; not all my family understand my obsession with makeup and often try to buy me anything but, which is fair enough. However, I still continue to put makeup on there, as some products are just unjustifiable to me, and I would only consider getting if I had a gift card etc. Luckily there is one member of the family who understands my passion for makeup, my auntie can often be found commenting on my Instagram and showing me her latest ventures in beauty. She completely understood why this trio of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks should be added into my collection and kindly got them (and a rather cute Benefit gift set which will also be up on the blog soon,) for my birthday.


 Let’s be honest, this trio is rather swoon worthy. The rose gold tube, twinned with chocolate bows on the top was always going to be a winner. The heavy feel of the tubes, and ribbon just adds to the luxury. I have got to admit it though, these are not an inexpensive way to try out Charlotte Tilbury, the little set comes in at an eye watering £29. Bearing in mind a single CT lipstick is £24 and contains 3.5g, these have only 0.04g in each meaning the total amount of product you get is only 1.2g. That might sound extortionate but I still like the idea of the set: if you’re a beauty lover like me, you find that you rarely finish a lipstick unless you really love it. So in purchasing or receiving this set you can try three of the CT lipsticks and decide whether any of the three would be used up. (Also if you’re lucky there will be a good deal on where you get loads of their kiss pockets free with any order!)

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charm Swatches

There is a nice selection of shades within the trio. Pink Penelope, top, is actually quite misleading. To me it is not a pinky shade at all, in fact it a much more of a peachy nude. Usually these kind of nudes are not my cup of tea, simply because they wash me out, but of course I’m willing to give this a try. So Marilyn is the perfect red, not too blue, not too orange. Its creamy formula means it glides on without tugging too hard at dry patches and isn’t too daunting like I find matte reds sometimes can be. I have quite a few reds in my lipstick collection, but nothing quite this beautiful. Finally is the cult classic Bitch Perfect. I won’t lie, I loved it just from the name, then loved it more for the shade. It’s my kind of nude, pink based and won’t wash me out. These kind of shades look great on my pale skin and I’m already thinking I’ll probably *need* the full size eventually! Apparently it goes well with Pillow Talk lip liner, so that could be an expensive order waiting to happen…

This is the perfect gift set for the avid lipstick wearer, why buy one shade when you can buy 3 for very nearly the same price. Yes, if you break it down the cost per gram isn’t impressive but the packaging and dreamy formula helps to make up for it. If you were looking for a small but impressive gift, this is the one I would go for, it’s understated and you won’t have to guess which single lipstick shade to get them. Check my Instagram if you want to see what they look like on, because I reckon these are going to be on my lips a lot in coming weeks and months.


  1. Nicole Baxter
    August 23, 2017 / 4:18 pm

    These are so cute! As a person who wears pillow talk constantly you need it!

  2. Sarah A
    November 6, 2017 / 8:44 am

    These lipsticks look so beautiful! I love both the shades and the packaging. It sounds like something that I would try as I’m also never able to finish a lipstick!Sarah | What Sarah Writes

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