Say Hello to Your New Magnitone Brand Ambassador*

I’ve got some very exciting news to share with you today, which you may or may not already know, depending whether you follow me on Instagram or not. The other week I was accepted as a Magnitone Brand Ambassador which is super exciting. They sent along a box of bits and I thought I would introduce you to the brand through a small introductory post.

Magnitone Brand Ambassador

 The box they sent had some amazing bits in, and as usual while I’ve been sent these products, all my views are honest. Before I’d even heard about the opportunity I had been searching around to find my own facial cleansing brush, as lately my skin has been problematic to say the least. The Magnitone Barefaced brush* claims to give clearer skin after 7 days. So far my skin texture has definitely improved, I’ve been using it for 5 days so far. Obviously I’m by no means ready to review it, that’s planned to make an appearance near the end of September/early October – so be prepared for that! I am really impressed so far, especially as it is waterproof and so means I can use it in the shower.

The other product in my box, that I haven’t tried yet is the Wipeout Makeup Removal cloths*. These seem like the ultimate makeup removal tool and I already have a post idea in mind. If you know when Freshers Week is, that’s when I would look for it; you’ll understand why when you see it!

If any of these products look like things you’d want to try Magnitone have a 30% off sale this Bank Holiday weekend, use the code AUGUST30, so I would head there now. Also if you want to help a soon to be poor uni student out, you could get to the site via my affiliate link: here (much love if you use it, my makeup spending will be supported by you if you do!)

I know this has only been a short post, but I am promising more than one follow up to tell you more about the products. Don’t forget to check out the sale, maybe treat yourself and get your skin in tip top shape ready for Winter.

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. This post also contains affiliate links and I may earn commission if a purchase is made. See my full DISCLAIMER HERE…

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