My GlamGlow Collection: Is It Worth The Hype?*

If you haven’t seen GlamGlow pop up on blogs, social media or online, I’d be rather surprised. I managed to keep away from the hype for a while but then GlamGlow contacted me over Instagram after seeing that I’d tried a sample of their SuperMud to see if I’d like a tube to try out. Obviously I couldn’t turn down that offer and since my collection has grown – but is GlamGlow worth the hype it’s given?

 I thought I’d start with my two sample size masks: SuperMud* and ThirstyMud. SuperMud is the sample I was talking about that GlamGlow sent me. I believe that this one is definitely worth the hype, it’s probably the one you’ve heard most about also. It is great at drawing out the impurities, you can physically see the oil it draws out of the skin and it sounds strange but as I can see it doing something I can also feel it doing something. ThirstyMud does smell amazing, but I’m not completely sure it is worth the hype. Simply put it feels nice on the skin, it’s not thick like some moisturising masks but I don’t think it does as good job as my current favourite: the Origins Drink-Up Intensive mask. But that might just be personal preference as I prefer the lotion feel of the Origins one rather than the thin layer feel.

 Now this is the mask that took my breath away. Not by results but by appearance. GravityMud is a firming treatment and as a Harry Potter fan the consistency of this is what I imagine unicorn blood to look like. Before you apply it, it is an iridescent pearl liquid, and once it dries it is a gorgeous silvery colour. This shares the same scent as ThirstyMud I believe so it’s not offensive at all. As for results, I’m not too sure this does much for me yet, I say this because I’m only 18 so I don’t know how much firming it can do. Let me know if there is any specific way you use this that might help me get results.

 The large tub of SuperMud was something I was in the process of saving up for. That was until I was lucky enough to win a full size GlamGlow tub of my choosing thanks to a GlamGlow Instagram competition. I had to choose SuperMud as I was seeing such good results with my mini tube. Currently I use this once a week over my nose, as that is where my pores clog the most. Then, when I have random breakout, which is often, I dab a decent amount over them and leave it on for 10-15 minutes, they clear up rather quickly after that.

 These last two sachets I got free with my GravityMud order. I wanted to try YouthMud as I love my exfoliating treatments. I haven’t used either yet as they are perfect for travelling and I’m off to my grandparents next week so I can try and travel light on the skincare front! We all know that’s not actually going to happen, but I’ll try anyway. On the subject of whether GlamGlow is worth the hype, I suppose you have to think about what you were looking for. For me it was a product to clear up blemishes and one to hydrate. I definitely got a product to get rid of blemishes, and a nice enough hydrating mask, but the firming treatment left something to be desired.

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full DISCLAIMER HERE…

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  1. Georgiana Teglas
    August 7, 2017 / 4:08 pm

    I saw them in Boots and I was so tempted to buy them! They are quite pricey though, so I am glad to see that they work.

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