The Skincare Brand of the Moment: The Ordinary

The Ordinary is big right now; everyone and their dog seems to be raving about them. As usual I gave into the hype, I was less restrained than I have been with previous hyped up products due to the very affordable price tag.

The Ordinary Skincare Haul

 I decided that I would treat myself and purchase £25 worth of skincare as it was free shipping after that. Might just sound like a way to justify my purchase but as delivery was about the same cost as another product it seemed like a waste to me. On another note, if you decide you want to try some products but aren’t sure which will work for you Stephanie Nicole has a really informative video on the subject (here) she helped me choose what would work best for my skin.

The Ordinary Skincare Haul

 There was a lot of choice on the site, they really do cater to all skin types. My dry, but blemish prone, skin was more than happy try the three above. The AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (£6.30) is meant to work wonders for the skin. I haven’t fully experimented it yet, however this is a spa grade facial peel in a bottle from what everyone is saying. The peel exfoliates the top layer of the skin bringing all the blemishes to the surface, it helps to fight them and give you clearer skin – but does look quite scary. Then for the dry areas of skin I got the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 (£5.90) this feels like a gel on the skin and on mine very quickly sinks in due to its dryness. The next morning my makeup applies so much better than it otherwise usually does. The slightly smaller bottle of Salicylic Acid 2% Solution (£3.90) is a miracle worker on spots you need rid of ASAP. I use it at night only, dropping it on spots, it reduces redness and size by the morning. It definitely accelerates how fast my spots disappear.

The Ordinary Skincare Haul

 The most hyped products from The Ordinary have to be their Colours aka foundations. They come in two formulas: Coverage and Serum (£5.90.) There are 21 shades in total which is quite impressive, they’re also the standard 30ml and have SPF 15. I’m in the middle of testing my two so don’t want to ruin the review that’s coming soon but these do have rave reviews. £5.90 for a foundation is very good going, even at drugstore level.

The idea behind The Ordinary is no nonsense products: the packaging isn’t fancy so you pay the cheaper price, however like most people I actually enjoy the packaging with droppers. It makes it all sciency. I think The Ordinary and Deciem stumbled onto a gold mine with this idea, skincare that actually works for an affordable price.

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