My New Fragrance from YSL

I’ve never actually bought myself a proper perfume before. Sure I’ve got a Hollister spray or two, and a perfume I put on my Christmas list, but I’d never purchased one myself. This had to change of course and last week as an 18th birthday present to myself I finally settled on a perfume and I went and bought it.

YSL Black Opium Nuit Blanche

 First off we need to appreciate the bottle don’t you think? Is it not beautiful. I’m so glad I both love the fragrance and can display it on my desk, because as a blogger that’s pretty great. The centre of the bottle is also rose coloured glass which looks stunning against the glitter. The shape is even distinct and different from any other fragrance I own. I could babble on about the bottle for ages but that’s not what the post needs.

When making my selection, I was torn between the original Black Opium and Black Opium Nuit Blanche. I had a sample of the regular Black Opium and when entering the shop I had my heart set on it. However, after spraying some Nuit Blanche and walking around for a while seeing how it would wear, I eventually settled on it’s sweeter scent. The original has notes of orange blossom, pear, coffee, jasmine tea and patchouli. Nuit Blanche carries many of the same notes with the addition of white musk and a change from normal coffee to white coffee. (Whatever that actually means..?) I think that Nuit Blanche is just more me, perhaps sweeter than it’s more mature counterpart. I still have the Black Opium purse spray which I’ll continue to use as and when but Nuit Blanche will be my go to.

One thing I found rather odd was that I had two options when buying; 1. choose a 50ml bottle for £71 or 2. choose the gift set with 50ml bottle for £71. This seemed a little strange to me, as why would you buy the bottle on it’s own when you could get YSL makeup minis for the same price? The two minis that came with the set were the Volume Mascara and a Waterproof Eyeliner in 01.

I am loving the fragrance so far, it’s definitely an everyday scent for me. It’s probably not everyones cup of tea and for some would be more of a going out perfume. But I’d definitely give this a sniff next time you’re near a perfume counter.

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