Benefit’s Push Up Liner – It’s A Gimmick, Right?

Every now and then a product comes along which could either revolutionise the makeup game, or be a complete and utter gimmick. I’d heard very mixed reviews surrounding Benefit’s Push Up Liner, but I managed to snag the Real Tempting Threesome set for just under £15, I figured it would be worth a try.

Benefit Push Up Liner

 The set itself seemed like a bargain. I got the Push Up Liner (RRP £20, currently £10 in their sale,) a mini They’re Real Mascara Sample and They’re Real Makeup Remover. The whole set is valued at £25 so getting £10 off meant it was a set I could justify. Also, I already am a fan of They’re Real Mascara, and I recently ran out of my full size one, and a mini makeup remover is always handy.

The liner itself was intriguing. The packaging makes it look somewhat like a thick black pen, but it’s lid is screw on meaning this wont come loose and cover all your makeup in eyeliner. I also see the screw top as an attempt to save excess product, as you always get too much coming out when you try to use it, no matter how hard you try. The idea of the liner is pretty good: gel liner in pen form because we don’t always have enough time to get a brush and pot of liner in the morning. However, that’s about where its usefulness ends.

Benefit Push Up Liner

 The applicator looks like it will be perfect, but it doesn’t quite live up to its ‘lash hugging’ claims. The liner itself is exactly the colour I would want my liner to be – a jet black and it doesn’t budge. The problem with the liner overall is simply that the application is not quick and easy like you would expect it to be. If a simple swipe were all it took this would instantly become a holy grail for me. I can master a wing pretty easily, I just can’t line the rest of my eye and end up looking like a panda. Also when you twist up the bottom you either get too much product or not enough, there is no happy medium. If I’d have paid full price for the liner I would be really annoyed that I lost quite so much, but as I didn’t it’s bearable.

 While I won’t be recommending for anyone to purchase this liner, I will be trying to get my moneys worth. I’ve decided what I will try to do is use a brush with it to apply, therefore I will still be using it, just not in the traditional way. I didn’t even want to add a photo of my attempt into this post as it was that awful.


  1. Caroline Davies
    September 14, 2017 / 11:07 am

    I've never tried the push up liner but purely because I didn't like the look of the applicator – it doesn't look like it would be easy to

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