SensatioNail Haul (Non Autumnal Shades)

I am by far one of the most impatient people you’ll meet when it comes to painting my nails. I start off with good intentions but by the 2nd coat I’m bored. Honestly, I can’t paint my nails nicely with normal polish, it will smudge, even if I set timers and wait hours they always turn out bad. This is why I sometimes decide that gel polish is the only way for me to go.

Sensationail Haul Gel Polishes

 I have a SensatioNail gel polish kit, and it changed my life, nails wise anyway. (See this post!) But I don’t have many shades. Up until now I had around four gel polish shades (two from SensatioNail and two others I got off Amazon,) I have loads and loads of normal polishes, doesn’t really make sense. Luckily while out shopping a couple of weeks ago there was a Beauty Outlet store with an offer on SensatioNail – 2 for £12 – which is an amazing deal as usually the polishes are £12.50 each.

Sensationail Haul Gel Polishes

 The two colours I decided on are not autumnal at all but they are rather pretty. Mi Amor is a gorgeous glittery peach, very summery and on trend. I was going to get the NailsInc peachy polish but it was about £11 so I thought why not get a gel polish. Then Pink Chiffon caught my eye. I’m currently in love with light pinks, I already have one pastel pink polish so I thought this one would be a nice slightly darker edition.

I haven’t had a chance to play around with either shade just yet, darn work rules, but at uni my nails are going every colour of the rainbow – within reason! I do need to pick up some autumnal shades next though!

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