Learning To Relax; A Life Update

I thought the blog was well overdue a life update/catchup post as not only was the last one sometime in July (I think,) but also yet again I said I was back and proceeded to disappear again. I think we’re past the need to apologise as MissCosmeticBlogger is only a hobby – not my job. I thought that regardless, I might give an update on my life…

MissCosmeticBlogger November Life Update Learning to Relax

 At the end of September I moved away from home to university (Southampton bloggers represent!) and ever since I have found myself needing some time to settle in and time to work out how to organise my days after a summer full of nothing. As I sat down to write during Fresher’s it felt like a chore, not because I wanted to be out partying, but because I wasn’t feeling as passionate as I have previously.

You might think that as a university student I’d have oodles of free time; I’m not saying I don’t have a lot of time, I’m just saying somehow I’ve already found myself squandering it. I am currently playing hockey 2-4 times a week, which unsurprisingly afterwards leaves me tired and wanting my bed, Netflix and a hot chocolate. Also, the getting used to uni has left me strangely tired for someone who only had one 9am start a week. Anyway, I’ve since implemented a system which hopefully will help me get back on top of everything; I thought I would share it here as I don’t think it’s quite worthy of a dedicated post.

  1. No Work After 9pm (Unless it’s Critical)
    This one might seem simple, but there is a very good reason behind it: to get an early night, and a good night’s sleep, I need to have a clear mind and not be worrying about phonetic transcriptions till 11pm. So now, as soon as 9pm hits an alarm goes off and I close down any uni work related windows and relax instead.
  2. Relax (Properly!!)
    By relax I mean the whole body, not just the mind. I don’t have a bath in my uni room, nor am I allowed to light candles, so both those conventional methods of relaxation are out of the window. However, there are plenty of other ways to relax while at uni. One of my personal favourites is baking (much to the delight of my flatmates.) So far in the month I have been at uni I have baked brownies, cupcakes, muffins etc, cookies are next on the list. Not only does baking provide me with a way of relaxing but also tasty snacks which is also a bonus. I also like to relax by binge watching. No iPlayer for me (see need for TV licence on a student budget) instead Netflix has me covered. I recently caught up with Riverdale – which FYI is as good as everyone says – and I am now onto the seven seasons of Once Upon A Time which is everything I hoped it would be and more. Yes, I am a total sucker for fairytales.
  3. Eat What You Want
    At the start of uni I was set on trying to be as healthy as possible, sticking to a diet. Yeah that’s gone out the window as honestly I am not dedicated enough to do this. Instead, as I am doing sport enough times a week, I’m just eating whatever I feel like – but I’m not taking the mick, it’s not Dominos 4x a week (mainly because I can’t afford it) but it’s what is easy or what I’m feeling like eating. I’m currently really enjoying pasta salad, so that’s what I continue to make.

Those are my only real rules at the moment, obviously my uni work is very important (being told it’s ‘only first year’ so ‘it doesn’t matter’ gets rather annoying to hear as I’m paying £9250 a year for the priviledge,) so if I have to stay up a little later I will. But I am really not planning on pulling any all nighters any time soon. Here’s to some consistent blogging and a much less stressed blogger.

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