Urban Veda: Trialling a New Set of Skincare*

I’m really getting back on this blogging bandwagon, what’s that now? Four posts on the trot – it’s almost like you’re back to being a real blogger again. *Shock Horror* Anyway, I got an exciting email from the people over at Urban Veda asking if I’d like to try out their new Soothing range of skincare. As someone with often anything but soothed skin, I was very happy to try a few bits.

Urban Veda Soothing Skincare

 Urban Veda sent over a gorgeous drawstring bag with four very generous sized samples for me to test out and try. In the mix were two body products and two for skin, now the body ones, Soothing Body Lotion* and Scrub*, have been stashed away in my travel minis box for when I hopefully go on holiday. Whereas the two skin bits have been put to the test over the last few weeks.

All the products have a scent I know my step mum would absolutely adore. They are quite earthy, herby scents, not usually one I would go for, I’m much more of a fruity scent lover. Also, I’ll be honest, heavily scented face products are not my cup of tea. My skin is very sensitive and so I tend to stick to very plain skincare such as that from Clinique or the Ordinary. I will admit that I am partial to a good smelling face mask though. (See Origins Drink Up Intensive and GlamGlow ThirstyMud.)

I wasn’t going to let the scent put me off though, I would not be a proper blogger if I didn’t try it at all. The Soothing Day Cream* was a lot lighter than I expected it to be, and the smell lingered for a lot longer than I thought it would. It was very nice face cream, but the smell would deter me from further use because it’s not fruity or a completely pleasant one in my books. I had less of a problem with the scent in the Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish, this is as it is not something that remains on the skin it gets washed off. The scrubby particles in the polish must be microscopic, but that’s not to say that it’s ineffective – quite the opposite. I used it twice a week to get rid of dead skin that my dry skin seems to create constantly, while it worked, it was not as good as my current favourite face scrub: the Clinique Pep Start 2in1 cleanser. If you’re looking for a gentle scrub then this one might be for you.

I think the range would be more suited to me with a lighter fragrance, I noticed my skin wasn’t quite as red but it was nothing to write home about. Luckily, Urban Veda has four different ranges, each of which is suited to different skin types. They even have a quiz called ‘What’s Your Dosha?’ where you answer questions to find your perfect range. I really like the presentation of this little PR set though, a and there are gift sets available that come with the bag. Which I may consider purchasing one for my step mum this Christmas.

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full DISCLAIMER HERE…

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  1. Lucy Cole
    November 11, 2017 / 11:11 am

    It's a shame the scent was a bit too much – I can be put off by that too!xxLucy | http://www.lucy-cole.co.uk

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