Survive Dry Skin this Winter with Dr. Ceuticals*

As I explained in my November Life Update post, I’ve started doing hockey again up to four times a week, and I’ll be honest my feet are not particularly happy about it – that sounds gross I know. I don’t want to sound blunt, but I’m not sure anyone has particularly nice feet… unless feet are your thing…. So, I think that perhaps our feet could do with a little TLC from time to time and luckily Dr. Ceuticals* offered to help mine.

Dr. Ceuticals Foot Care

As I said, hockey up to four times a week doesn’t make you feet super soft and lovely – quite the opposite in fact. So yes, my feet are quite worn and battered, (see having a ball hit your feet every now and again.) This meant that when Dr. Ceuticals offered to send over a couple of their bits, back in September, I chose the Pumice Foot Scrub* and Cracked Heel Repair* and boy am I glad I did.

First off the packaging might not be elaborate, but it is clean cut and appealing. The product name appears in different colours depending on the product too which is useful for someone like myself who often uses products like these half asleep. Both smell inoffensive, a minty tingly scent, much like mint ice cream or toothpaste. Obviously the scent doesn’t matter too much for this as it goes on your feet but it’s always nice to know your socks won’t smell chemically.

I use the Pumice Foot Scrub* in the shower after training. It’s quite a gritty scrub and feels salt based, it’s much more abrasive than you would use on your face but that’s to be expected. However, you also feel nourishing properties once the scrubby bit has been washed away. If you need extra nourishment Cracked Heel Repair* is the way to go. It’s a cream rather than a balm and it sinks into the skin quicker than one too which is nice if you’re on the way out the door rather than the path into bed. It claims to work in 3 days and to condition hard skin such as that on my big toe and heel. I know it’s specifically marketed for the heel but I’d say it’s a pretty good all rounder. (It was actually quite a difficult product to find to photograph as I’m pretty sure my mum has borrowed it once or twice – luckily escaping to uni has meant it’s all mine now.)

Overall I’m impressed with the brand; it’s not one I’ve tried before but it’s definitely one I would consider trying more from: especially the Hand SOS Balm. It’s also nice to find a brand that won’t break the bank with these two coming in under £10.

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full DISCLAIMER HERE…

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