Christmas at Lush: The Cozy Gift Edit

Now apologies for the slightly grainy photos, I haven’t much light to work with but I still wanted to get something up for you today. Also, I quite like the darker photos, represents the dark nights before Christmas. Today’s post is all about the Christmas Collection which is currently available at Lush, I haven’t got everything that is available as for one I don’t have a bath at uni and two I’m on a students budget at the moment. Instead I have chosen bits that I know friends would enjoy, bits I wanted and those I already had in my (less extensive than it was but still rather excessive,) stash.

Christmas at Lush: Lush Christmas Collection

 Now I’ve called this ‘The Cozy Gift Edit’ as there’s nothing more cozy than running yourself a Lush bath and using their products afterwards while watching a movie with a large mug of hot chocolate. This is my exact plan for many of the days running up to Christmas. Once I’m home for uni I plan to make full use of our bath and use a few of these bits.

Christmas at Lush: Lush The Snowman Bubbleroon

This fine fellow is actually a gift for my little brother. Luckily, as he is 11 and has no care at all for reading beauty reviews, I should be fine posting this here. (Also I doubt he even knows I blog; he’s too wrapped up in Clash of Clans and Fifa recently.) Anyway, I decided to get him the Snowman Bubbleroon, because it’s rather adorable and very Christmassy. It has Sicillian lemon, cocoa and shea butter, however when I smell it the lemon is somewhat subdued by a gorgeous chocolatey, cocoa butter scent. I have my fingers crossed that a few of these will be available in the Boxing Day sales as I am rather sad to have to give him away.

Christmas at Lush: Lush Sleepy and Once Upon a Time Body Lotions

Now if you haven’t heard of one of the next two I’m going to feature I will be very surprised. Recently the Sleepy Body Lotion hit the headlines as it appeared to help suffers of insomnia. Obviously, this meant that it sold out everywhere and for a while was unavailable. While I can’t attest to the claims, I can say that it is an exceptionally smelling body lotion. It shares it’s scent with Twilight and so is a mix of cocoa butter and lavender, which is indeed calming. The second one is Once Upon A Time, a new addition for this year. My all time favourite scent is So White, a crispy apple and I stocked up on the bath bomb last year. It’s no longer part of the Christmas line up (sobs uncontrollably,) instead the scent appears in body lotion form. I couldn’t justify the larger tub, (another fingers crossed for the Boxing Day sale.)

Christmas at Lush: Lush So White Shower Gel and Butterbear Washcard

 Back again to my favourite scent So White – this time in a shower gel form. Now this isn’t available in stores this Christmas, this is more a nod to the Lush Kitchen. Throughout the festive period they release old favourites such as the shower gel, at the moment there are also body spray versions of Snow Fairy, So White and others too. Last but not least is the new, and very cute, Butterbear Washcard. Now don’t be fooled, this little fellow is effectively soap, Lush say he’s one use but I think, if you’re not opposed to breaking him up a little, you could get five or six uses. It shares the same scent as the regular Butterbear so is full of gentle ingredients such as cocoa butter.

Perfect Gift For: Cozy Night in Frequenters/Lush Lovers

So there is another day of gifting over and done with, we’re flying through now. As usual, don’t forget to enter my Christmas giveaway to win a Magnitone Brush worth £90! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Jade
    December 5, 2017 / 3:48 pm

    I love the snowman, I definitely need to pop into Lush soon to pick up some Christmas bits x

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