Last Minute Gifting: A DIY Beauty Box

Another short but sweet post today, I’ve been busy working all weekend and deadlines are looming before I break up for Christmas. Today’s 12 Days of Gifting post is all about a gift you can DIY even at the last minute for all your beauty loving friends.

DIY Beauty Box

 As a beauty blogger I accumulate an extraordinary amount of beauty products, some sample size and some full size. What do I do with all these products I don’t need you ask? Well they sit in a drawer until I have a clear out and give them to friends – which I might add is not as often as it should be. Now the friends that I give my clear out bits to think it’s great, so this year for Christmas I’m creating my own beauty boxes/bags as gifts for them all. All the instructions are below.

You will need:

  • Small makeup bag or nicely covered box
  • Makeup samples/products
  • Some cute chocolates
  • Ribbon for decoration

That is all – not much I know. The small box or bag can be from anywhere, when I’ve used boxes they’ve been from my YouBeauty subscription, bags are from LoveMeBeauty (they often do repeats) or free gifts such as the Clarins one above.

The products inside vary from person to person. If a friend is particularly into their skincare I’ll put in a selection of brands for them to try – a try before you buy if you like – Clarins minis, GlamGlow sachets and Origins masks will always go down well. Makeup samples are often hard to come by and no one wants a foundation they’re not going to be able to use. Instead I tend to opt for things like Charlotte Tilbury Kiss Pockets, mascara samples are usually the easiest to find, followed by a lip balm or two. If you want to make it extra special you can always add in a full size product or two.

I hope you like this idea, I think it’s better than potentially wasting makeup by throwing it away. Also, every single sample is obviously unused – any used samples I have are given to friends with the knowledge that they’ve been used.

Don’t forget there’s still a giveaway running – not long left though! Have a wonderful day!

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