The *New* RealTechniques Power Bleu Brushes*

Welcome to the second day of gifting! I hope you’re enjoying the series so far. If you haven’t seen yesterday’s post yet, I’d head on over now for the chance to win a Magnitone Rose Gold Barefaced brush worth £90! Anyway, today we are talking about one of my favourite gift ideas ever: brand new makeup brushes, in particular the new RealTechniques Powder Bleu brushes.

RealTechniques Powder Bleu Brushes

I was rather lucky to receive four of the new RT Powder Bleu brushes from Influenster in one of their VoxBoxes at the end of November. If you’re unfamiliar with Influenster they work with brands to help get products seen. All products are complementary, and there are a few tasks to complete – such as posting to Instagram or leaving a review. In this case a blog post was not part of the task, but let’s be honest… I’m a beauty blogger and I’m sure as hell going to talk about these beautiful creations.

RealTechniques Powder Bleu Brushes

 I’m not a stranger to RT brushes, I have so many different sets and collections, (Starter Set & Core Collection, Sculpting Set, Top 5 Brushes.) Now I love the regular RT brushes, all those mentioned are the basic collections but the Powder Bleu brushes are much more luxe. For one their handles are exquisite. Ombre black into a dark blue, and the ends appear more oblong than cylindrical. The brushes are also nicely weighted, unlike some cheaper brush brands. The logo is also printed in gold which adds to the luxurious feel of the products. The four brushes I received are without doubt the softest ones I own.

The B01/Soft Powder Brush is recommended for use with powder products, more specifically powder foundation and highlight. So far I have used this brush for loose/pressed face powder as well as brush. It reminds me most of the RealTechniques Blush Brush (featured here) just slightly larger, and fluffier. If you have a highly pigmented blush I’d steer away from using this for blush simply because it is likely to spread it out too far, but for a blush such as Benefit’s Dandelion I find this perfect.

The B02/Soft Finishing Brush is most comparable to the RT Setting Brush. It’s small tulip shape which means it can fit in hard to reach areas such as under the eye, and also allows for precision. It’s recommended for blush which I agree it is useful for. However, I also think it is good for adding a glow through highlight as well as sweeping away powder from the under eye.

The B03/Soft Complexion Brush was the brush I was most excited about as it looks very similar to my favourite RT Expert Face Brush, except the bristles are much softer. As the bristles are easy to move around it allows you to really work the product into the skin. Personally, this is the ideal brush for base products, such as my NARS Sheer Glow, and even primers if you’re not a fan of using your fingers.

Finally the B04/Soft Shadow Brush is possibly the best eye brush I own. It is small and tulip shaped allowing it to fit perfectly into the crease as well as be used for blending out eyeshadow elsewhere. In my opinion, if you were trying to pack light on brushes when going abroad this is ideal; you can blend, define and highlight using only one brush – if you’re not opposed to using fingers you could only take this brush.

If you know someone who absolutely loves makeup and has been very, very good this year, you could be reading about the perfect gift. These aren’t cheap though, and that is because of the high quality. The brushes range from £16-£22, and so far they’re worth it; no shedding and beautiful application.

Perfect Gift For: Makeup Obsessive in Need of New Brushes

Overall, you might be able to tell, I’m rather in love with these brushes. The quality is second to none, in terms of brushes I already own, and if they were to bring out more brushes I might have to find the money to pick them up. That concludes the second day of the 12 Days of Gifting. Before you go, don’t forget to enter my Magnitone Barefaced Giveaway (worth £90!) See you tomorrow!

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