5 Things Every Student Must Do in 2018

A little bit of a different post today, I hope you don’t mind! Monday I started second semester at uni, I’ve successfully (I hope) completed my first semester, exams and coursework too. It got me thinking though, what do I as a student need to do this year. Obviously all my uni work, but surely I can spend my time more wisely than binging on Netflix 24/7? I eventually came up with a list of 5 things every student must do in 2018!

5 Things Every Student Must Do in 2018

Be More You

It’s a weird one, and probably the most important, but first semester was a bit of a blur. Sure I joined a few societies and made a few friends, but was I really me? This year my plan is to fully embrace myself. Update my wardrobe, do the things I love – just be me. This works for anyone, in any year too. If you feel like you’ve been slightly reserved why not break out of your shell. So far I’m planning a style overhaul (who am I kidding, a few new jumpers etc,) going to the weekly karaoke and Zumba. They’re pretty easy things to complete that will hopefully make me more myself.

Travel (and not Just Abroad)

We might not be the richest as students but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel. If you haven’t already got a Student Account you get a free 4 year Railcard with Santander which gets you a nifty 1/3 off travel. Also, if you’re not already signed up for Unidays, firstly why not, and secondly don’t forget to check their deals. Hotels.com have up to 50% off and National Express is nearly always offering up a deal or two. There’s nothing wrong with a day trip to Brighton Pier or a few days in the capital. Of course if you’re keen on travelling abroad SkyScanner can help you get some cheap flights, and hostels are pretty affordable.

Get Organised

I muddled through first semester with a half baked plan that I didn’t really stick to. Next semester is going to be different. Don’t be fooled by the word organisation though, it doesn’t necessarily mean elaborate study plans and post it notes adorning every wall. I find making a simple to do list everyday can help you through assignments and exams easily. All you need is a pad of paper and a pen and you’re set. Write down everything you need to do that day, most important at the top, and cross them off as you go. Anything you don’t manage stick on tomorrow’s. Seeing what you’ve completed can really help your motivation and once the list is all ticked off you’re free to go back to Netflix!

Learn to Cook (Even Just a Little)

We all say we’re going to become Michelin Starred chef’s at uni, but let’s be honest how many of us turned out to be that good at cooking. Unlike my flatmate, I cannot afford takeaway every night of the week, nor do I think I could stomach it. Instead I’ve taken to batch cooking – it’s cheaper and healthier. I’ll spend a day, usually Saturday or Sunday, just cooking so I have food for the next week or so. Some of my favourite dishes are the easiest. For example a Pasta Salad, this one is tuna but you can throw in whatever you have handy. Or a Spag Bol, mince, tomatoes, spaghetti and some seasoning, it’s cheap and filling. (There’s nothing wrong with takeaway every so often though, plus you’ll be able to get more food than usual with all the money you’re saving!)

Have Fun!

It might seem easy but it’s the most important. You’re young and away from home, let loose and go out! Every shop in the world seems to be offering you discount (again make sure you’re signed up to Unidays!) Yes, you’re at university to study but all work and no play never made anyone happy. As long as you balance your fun to work ratio everything will be fine. Oh and maybe don’t pull an allnighter at the library the night before an exam, you need the sleep more than the nine hours of half asleep revision you do.

Remember, your life is what you make it and those five things are just my suggestions. You might just want to study, but you might also just want to let your hair down. It’s completely up to you! And if you do want to try to do these things I hope you didn’t mind the change of topic, I thought it would be a nice addition to the blog.

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