Soap & Glory: Spa of Wonder

Boots points are wonderful things. Personally, I save mine up all throughout the year and then splurge them all in one go on one of their star gifts. This year I was drawn to the Soap&Glory Spa of Wonder set which is worth an amazing £78. (I even had enough points to pay for delivery too!) Now I’ve had a few weeks to try out the products I thought it was time to give you a little update on my favourite bits! It was definitely well worth the splurge, even if I do only have 4p worth of points left now!

Soap&Glory Spa of Wonder

Let’s be honest, the Soap&Glory packaging is always pretty stunning. In this case it’s better than ever: the cardboard crate it comes in can be reused and the changing image on the front is just so clever. Although it is only cardboard, it is sturdy and I imagine quite durable. I do wish there was a larger bit of velcro to hold it shut, but it’s hardly a large complaint.

I’ll start with the makeup inside the box, because I do love a bit of makeup. First of it includes one of my all time favourite drugstore mascaras: Soap&Glory Thick&Fast. The wand on this is just so different to any others I have and it’s not too large either to get the lower lashes. It’s also super black which is a must for me when it comes to mascara, because I like my lashes to be seen. (It’s also the mascara I featured in my Back to Basics post!) It also includes the Supercat eyeliner which I’ve tried before and wasn’t too impressed with as it seemed a rather dull grey. However, considering all the rave reviews I hear it will be nice to see whether I may have got a dud. There was also a Sexy Mother Pucker gloss in the shade Plumslip. I had one of these years ago and I wasn’t a fan as the tingling sensation as it plumps. Since then though they seem to have reformulated and repackaged. It smells a lot like honey and swatches beautifully.

Soap&Glory Spa of Wonder

This set definitely focuses most on the body care Soap&Glory do. There are five full size body products in Spa of Wonder, you can definitely see you’re getting your money’s worth. There are two offerings from The Righteous Butter scent family. First up is the famous body butter, in its 300ml tub. This is one of my favourite body butters scent wise at least. It has quite a thick consistency so needs longer to sink in, but on the upside that does mean more moisturising capabilities in my book. The other product is the creamy body wash, it says it is a three in one: ‘cleanse, shave and moisturise.’ Its claims are the reason I’m definitely going to give this a go, we all know how annoying having lots of shower steps is. So if this wants moisturise my legs after it has acted as my shaving foam, be my guest. I will definitely be reporting back on this one.

The set also has The Scrub of Your Life, and in winter scrubs are certainly my friend. Also my tub of RubRub is about to run out so this was perfect timing! It’s a gentle but effective scrub; a gel with beads (but not plastic mircrobeads as they are very bad for the environment. S&G’s Twitter say they now use a wax alternative.) It shares its scent with the Original Pink range, so it’s a very nice scent to have on your skin.

The last two are both different varieties of body wash. The Clean on Me shower gel is one I’ve tried before; I don’t actually think I managed to finish my last lot as 500ml is a lot of shower gel to get through, (especially when you’re loyal to Lush.) I enjoy the scent, just not enough to need 500ml of the stuff, so this will be going in my gift stash for a future birthday. It’s a similar story with the Smoothie Star Body Milk, except I don’t even like the scent of this one. It smells like breakfast to me, and that is not something that I wish to smell like of a morning. It is meant to smell like almonds, oats and brown sugar, and they hit the nail on the head with the scent. It’s just not something I’d expect people to want to smell like. Again this is going in my gift pile, so someone else who might enjoy the scent can get some use out of it!

Soap&Glory Spa of Wonder

Now the face bits were quite exciting. I have tried the Peaches&Clean cleansing milk and The Fab Pore foam cleanser and next on my list was the Vitamin C Face Wash. It looks really cool and smells amazing too. Apparently it’s a 3in1 as well, claiming to smooth, clean and purify, all three of which my skin needs at the moment. Finally is one of the new face masks Soap&Glory just brought out, and the only one I haven’t tried. It is the Radiance Boosting Mask, I prefer hydrogel masks but I don’t mind hydrating sheet masks as long as I can move while wearing it. This one will apparently help my dull, lacklustre skin, which would be quite nice because at the moment it is rather dull.

Overall this set is pretty damn good for the money. (You even get a money off coupon for your next purchase, that’s if you ever need anymore body care.) I don’t even mind that I only have 4p left on my Boots card, let’s be real I’ll make it back up soon enough. The only thing I would say about the set is there are too many body products. I would have liked them to switch out a body wash for a couple more facemasks perhaps or another makeup product, simply because I don’t know many people who could get through the whole set in a year. I imagine a lot of people, myself included, would buy this to split up into separate gifts because no one I know needs this many body products in one go. I will definitely update you on which products I liked best, so stay tuned!


  1. Megan Elizabeth
    January 17, 2018 / 10:27 am

    Omg I do the same haha! I think I have around £50 worth of points at the moment. I love Soap and Glory, I definitely need to venture into their brand more and try more of their products

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      February 17, 2018 / 11:09 pm

      Their gift sets are definitely the way to try the brand!xx

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