So White Body Spray: Crisp and Refreshing

If you were ever to ask me what my favourite scent it, you’d find me trying to decide between peaches and apples. For peach scents my first stop is TheBodyShop for their Vineyard Peach, but for apple, Lush takes the crown. Sadly, it’s only really at Christmas that Lush seem to bring out the big guns. This year the apple scent featured in Once Upon a Time body lotion and Santa’s Belly, I happened to notice that Lush Kitchen were also offering the So White body spray, (my all time favourite bath bomb scent in spray form,) and I quickly added it to my Christmas list.

Lush So White Body Spray

I do admit that the packaging isn’t the prettiest, for a £15 body spray I wasn’t expecting the beautiful bottle that my YSL Black Opium does, but even my So…? Fragrances have slightly prettier packaging for a similar price. While the cleaning product-esque bottle isn’t the prettiest bottle on my dressing table, it does contain an impressive 200ml.

Lush So White Body Spray

As for the sweet scent of apples, this definitely has that. Strangely though, there isn’t apple scent in this. Instead there is a blend of Brazilian Orange Oil and Orange Flower Absolute, I’m not sure how that makes a crisp apple scent but somehow it does. To me this smells exactly like biting into an apple does, sweet and refreshing. I’ve been spraying this when I wake up to try and get myself to get up a little faster, I can’t say it manages to do that but I do end up leaving the house smelling of apples so that’s definitely a plus.

If there is a particular Lush scent you love I’d definitely check to see if they do a body spray. They’re cheaper than most scents on the market and they stick around for a long time. Currently on the Lush website the Kitchen had Honey I Washed the Kids and The Olive Branch, so I’d keep checking that. They’ve had Rose Jam and Lord of Misrule in stock quite a few times over the last few months too, but those are rather popular and so are slightly more expensive and go out of stock quickly.


  1. Lucy Cole
    February 10, 2018 / 10:13 am

    It's a shame lush don't have prettier packaging sometimes! This sounds like a good staple body spray to have though. xLucy |

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      February 17, 2018 / 11:10 pm

      Their products do make up for it though!xx

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