TZone Skincare Trial*

Spots have been ruining my skin confidence for what seems like forever, when in reality it is that time of the month more than anything that causes me to breakout. Let’s be honest though, when a breakout occurs, you want to get rid of them asap. TZone got in contact back in January asking if I would like to try some of their skincare, and as a skincare lover – I said yes. I incorporated the face wash, charcoal mask and pore strips for a few weeks to trial TZone skincare effectively.

TZone Skincare Trial

Usually in the mornings you will find me using either Garnier’s Micellar Water or the Soap&Glory Peaches&Clean Cleanser to wash my face, so I changed it up a little with the TZone Charcoal&Bamboo Ultra Purifying Facial Wash. Don’t let the colour put you off, it’s a nice enough wash, and lathers without fail. However, as a dry skinned girl its oil fighting properties don’t help with the dryness, it’s excellent on my tzone (no pun intended,) but my skin needed a heavy moisturiser after. I often use hyaluronic acid at night, but while using this face wash I’ve added it in to my morning routine to counteract the dryness. Due to the drying nature, I haven’t added it into my night cleansing routine. On the subject of purifying, I have noticed my blemishes clearing, so I’ll give it credit for that. I just wish I didn’t have such dry skin.

TZone Skincare Trial Purifying Cleanser

The Charcoal&Bamboo Pore Strips and Peel Off Mask are where they got me – I love anything that says it’s going to pull gunk out of my face, gross I know. To be honest, after the disappointment I experienced when using Biore Pore Strips and removing nothing, I don’t set expectations high for pore strips. As I wanted to be fair to TZone though, I still tried a couple. They didn’t pull out too much, but the one or two blackheads were extremely satisfying. The Peel Off Mask on the other hand, was always going to be a hit for me. I find that peel off masks get any flaky skin, that hasn’t been removed by my exfoliator, and removes it. I’ve also used it over my nose and it got a few blackheads too which was good. So a definite thumbs up for the mask.

Tzone Skincare Trial Peel off Mask

I did also receive the No Shine Papers, but as I’m not an oily girl these are not for me. I mean, I used one sheet and caught the slightest hint of oil but nothing more. Overall, this range is definitely more aimed at those with oily skin, but that doesn’t mean that if you have dry skin you can’t enjoy a pore strip or peel off mask. The range is really affordable, which is what I like to see (because who needs pore strips that cost £8 a pack!) You can pick up the range in Superdrug, with no product exceeding £6, which is certainly purse friendly. I think I am going to keep the peel off mask in my skincare rotation, and the pore strips for when the nose situation is bad, but the face wash is just too drying – so I shall be passing it on to an oily skinned friend, who I know will love this.

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    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      March 10, 2018 / 11:13 am

      These are so affordable, you should definitely give them a go xx

  1. 500 Days
    March 10, 2018 / 8:50 pm

    Been looking for a good peel off mask and think I might try this one out after reading this x

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      April 6, 2018 / 11:00 pm

      My skin is absolutely loving it so far!x

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