Liquid Lipsticks the Pixi Beauty Way

Late last year, out of the blue, I was added to Pixi’s PR list. It was one of those opportunities that really made me think my blogging was getting better, to a level that I am happy with. Sadly, I’m a little behind on posts at the moment, I’ve had quite a long blogging break recently but today I thought I would finally share the new (ish) Pixi Liquid Lipsticks – because I’m a real fan of the formula.

Pixi Liquid Lipsticks really Rose and Pastel Petal

I was lucky enough to receive all five of the shades, however, I only have one pair of lips, and not all shades suit a pale complexion such as mine. (I’ve found the other three shades loving homes, where they’ll be used more, with friends.) Personally, I really like the packaging of these: it’s simple but obviously Pixi due to the rose gold accents and pastel green lid. The applicator is also quite different to most, instead of a bog standard doe foot applicator it has a teardrop shaped one. This makes getting even lines and a precise cupids bow such a breeze, something I struggle to do with other liquid lipstick applicators.

Pixi Liquid Lipstick Applicator

The two shades that I took a liking to were the shades Pastel Petal and Really Rose. Pastel Petal is a brown nude with pink undertones while Really Rose is more pinky nude. I would say ‘my lips but better’ but to be honest, this is more of a rosy red than my true lip colour. The other shades included two more orangey nudes and a deeper rose/red shade. My favourite of the two is probably Really Rose, as it is bright enough to be noticed but also not a statement lip.

The formula is comfortable, even for someone who suffers from year round dry lips. It has quite a runny consistency, but does seem to dry down to a completely matte finish which means it’s almost kiss proof – there was minimal transfer after a lot of blotting and quite a while of waiting. Luckily it’s hardly drying, but you’ll still need a good lip scrub before hand otherwise you will find it clings to any dry patches you may have.

Pixi Liquid Lipsticks Really Rose and Pastel Petal

The Pixi Mattelast Liquid Lipsticks retail for £16 which I don’t think is too bad. I love Pixi’s infamous Glow Tonic, and so am really happy to see their foray into liquid lipsticks. I’m pretty sure I have a few more of their makeup bits waiting for me back at uni, so I can’t wait to try those and report back. See you Monday for the start of Dubai in five days.

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