Adding Blue Eyeliner to Everyday

I’ve always admired those people who can get away with any makeup trend, no mater how bold or ‘out there’ it is. I’ll be honest with you, my self confidence when it comes to makeup, skin and me in general, is by no means at an all time high. In fact lately, it would be quite a success to find me in more makeup than brows and lashes – pretty basic for a beauty blogger I know. In an attempt to combat this, I have been working on my skincare – post coming soon – and adding a little flare to the everyday, with help from the L’Oreal Infallible I’ve Got Blue Liner.

L'Oreal Infallible I've Got Blue Liner

I have to give credit to RachhLoves for this discovery. A new in at the drugstore video late last year introduced me to the idea of blue liner, she looked amazing. I also thought it wasn’t available in the UK at the time, the US&Canada always seem to have different launch dates to us, however it turned out we got it first! I originally ordered it off of Superdrug, until my order never came and I headed in store as it had to be mine.

Up until this point, it is unlikely that I would have even considered liner to go specifically in my waterline. I mean I dabbled in the skin colour ones at one point as they were said to make you look more awake, but who am I kidding? They just made my eyes water and then I looked more tired than ever. The reason I needed the L’Oreal Infallible I’ve Got Blue Liner is due to the wear test RachhLoves conducted. Not only did the pencil glide on smoothly, needing only a couple of layers to build opacity, it also stayed put ALL DAY. As someone whose eyes tend to be on the watery side, this seemed perfect.

L'Oreal Infallible I've Got Blue Liner Swatch

The L’Oreal crayon is a gel pencil which allows the colour payoff to be really impressive. Quite often I find drugstore liners to underperform colourwise, but this is an exception. The swatch above doesn’t even do the liner itself justice, on the waterline it is so much more vibrant. It has quite a creamy consistency but definitely sets itself into place after a minute or so. As for longevity, I can’t speak for its 24hr claims (as no one should need something to last quite so long,) but it lasts a normal days worth of wear, say 8 hours or so. At the end of the day while it isn’t as vibrant as it was when first applied, it’s definitely noticeably still there.

I’ve been making this pencil wearable by either smudging it under my bottom lash line or lining my waterline. I’ve found the smudging works best if I’ve gone for a very minimal look with brows and lashes. While applying to the waterline looks incredible with a simple cat eye flick, it honestly takes my look from classic to unconventionally cool (for me at least!)

Coincidentally, the same day I began writing this post I had a delivery from Pixi which contained a few colourful liners (including a blue,) but slightly more pricier depending on the colour you choose. The L’Oreal comes in at £4.99 while Colbalt Blue from Pixi is £12. I might do a comparison in another post, we’ll see how I get on. If you’re on a budget though, the L’Oreal Infallible I’ve Got Blue Liner is 100% worth a try, I’m even considering picking up the other colours too. If you go back to 2015, I was loving coloured liners, and I think I’ve rekindled that love, thanks to the L’Oreal liner.

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