The SPF You Need

Most people are aware that it is recommended we apply sun cream every single day, though how many of use actually remember to do so? Yes, our moisturisers may contain SPF 15, but when we’re on holiday, (and even in the summer time,) our skin needs more protection. Take my ghostly pale complexion for example – two weeks in Dubai without any sun protection would not do it any favours. Enter the slightly expensive, yet effective sun protection from La RochePosay – the SPF you need.

The SPF you need La RochePosay

Buying this duo when an offer is on will make your eyes water less – buy one get one half price made them premium but still affordable. I’ve always heard you should invest in your SPF and I completely agree with this as sun damage ages you quicker and can cause skin cancer to occur. Also, be aware that if your face cream contains SPF, it still may not be strong enough in the summer. If you want to find out more, I would visit the Cancer Research website.

For my face I bought the LaRochePosay Anthelios XL Non-Perfumed Fluid. This 50ml bottle fits perfectly in most bags, which is useful as you should reapply every 4 hours. I’ll be honest, I bought this mostly for its lightweight texture as I cannot stand the thick suncream on my face. It has a dropper which means you can dispense just the right amount. I used this every day in Dubai, even if I wasn’t going to be outside too long. The one day I properly spent outside, from 10am – 4pm at least, my face hardly even caught the sun and didn’t burn at all. This is 100% a successful test for me as it was around 35 degrees at midday.

For my body I used the LaRochePosay Anthelios XL Lotion 100ml. I wouldn’t say this is overly different to other sun lotions, however it works without question. I did not tan at all while abroad, I had my legs out and I spent a few hours sunbathing too. Tanning isn’t on my agenda when I’m on holiday, I’m used to being pale AF, any glow is just an added bonus. This factor 50+ is not letting any rays through, so maybe go for their factor 30 version if you prefer a subtle holiday glow.

I also ended up purchasing two Nivea SPF15 lip balms in duty free, as I’ve burnt my lips on holiday before and it is not something I will ever let happen again. All I remember is that it felt like my lips were dryer than the desert, and would not stop peeling! I did already have a Palmer’s SPF lip balm but when I applied it my lips felt like the moisture was being sucked out rather than helping the dry lip situation. My lips didn’t burn on the trip, so I would definitely repurchase for next holiday.

My sun protection trio really did work for me. I’m hoping to go somewhere sunny later in the year, and I plan to take these with me again, to get my full money’s worth. The face specific SPF isn’t a necessity but if you hate heavy creams on your face, it is a must try. Don’t forget to check out my other Dubai posts, and visit my Instagram for a chance to win a Tarte palette!

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