TooFacedxBeautyBlender: A Dreamy Collab

I’ve been trying to spend less on beauty over the last few months, the student budget doesn’t stretch to all the latest releases. However, I do spend an hour or so a week filling in those surveys and eventually they do pay off, and I get to treat myself. My latest treat was the TooFacedxBeautyBlender collaboration, which was only £2.50 after my survey payout!

TooFacedxBeautyBlender Collection

This set, in my opinion is such a bargain, and a necessity for those, like myself, who want to try two different brands for a relatively affordable price. In the set you get a full size BeautyBlender, one micro Beautyblender, a Deluxe Hangover Primer, and a Deluxe Hangover 3in1 Spray.

I have already tried the regular BeautyBlenders and I admit that they are my primary way to apply foundation now – I still need to do a comparison with my old favourite which was the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge. I didn’t know if the Micro BeautyBlenders would be life changing or just gimmicky, as I find the original BeautyBlender does a good job at getting those under eye areas. Luckily I do find the micro version useful. I tend to use it on the days I’m just wearing concealer as it’s easy to wet with a setting spray, or for cream highlights, such as Benefit’s High Beam.

TooFacedxBeautyBlender Collection

In getting this set I have found myself falling in love with the Hangover Primer. I had almost used up the little tube a week into my Dubai trip, I actually had to stop myself using it all so I could try it in a cooler climate too. For my dry skin this hydrating primer is absolute perfection. It feels like another level of hydration before I put foundation etc over the top, it also worked really well with the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear foundation, which is a result as I’ve seen it accentuate my dry patches without this primer.

As for the spray, I think I’m on the fence at the moment. I’m not a complete fan of the scent, it’s quite a coconut based one I think and I’m not a lover of coconut, even just as a scent. Also the 3in1 doesn’t make sense to me; how can you be a priming spray, setting spray and refreshing spray all at once? You know what I mean? I can vouch for its refreshing properties, and personally I prefer to use it as a primer, it feels too wet to be a setting spray, and when I’ve used it as one I felt it was removing my makeup rather than setting it down.

Overall, it’s a great set, TooFacedxBeautyBlender is such a great collaboration you get to try bestsellers from both and even have a couple of full size items thrown in too! If you need a couple of new base items and a replacement BeautyBlender this set would be ideal. I think, because of this set I will have to pickup the full size Hangover Primer as it is just so good, if not a little pricey.

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