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High Definition Beauty, more commonly known as HD Brows are a brand I have frequently heard about but hadn’t ever tried. That was until the lovely Freya got in touch, asking whether I would like to try a few different products from the brands she looks after. Obviously, as a beauty blogger, trying new things is something I absolutely love to do, so I said yes! Today’s post is going to be about the High Definition Glow Stick in Rose Gold* – the most festival appropriate highlighter I have ever come across.

High Definition Glow Stick in Rose Gold

Honestly, you can forget all other highlighters this festival season. Throw away the blue and pink tones, don’t even go near the ones with a green shift, instead turn your attention to the rose golds of the world, particularly High Definition’s offering. At first glance the highlighter is pinky and quite an unoriginal shade, but once it catches the light it converted me. You can see in the swatch below the gold really comes through making a really peachy glow. I am quite fair, so this is an intense highlighter choice, and not necessarily one I would choose on an everyday basis – but it’s beautiful and is going on my face next time there’s a night out or festival to attend.

Don’t let such a shade put you off though, it’s completely up to you how glowy you wish to be. Lightly apply it on the tops of your cheeks and cupids bow and dab it gently in with your ring finger. Or stripe it on and use a brush, you could even layer a powder over the top if you’re going for maximum glow. As I’m not necessarily able to wear this day to day I’m going to try it as an all over cream shadow and inner corner highlight, because it’s going to look incredible – and it will make it to my Instagram in the next month or so!

The reason it is perfect for the festival season, is due to its packaging. The matte black packaging isn’t something new, however the twist up, stick form means you can swipe it on, and blend it out without any hassle at all. I mean you could do it without a mirror it’s so easy – or you could use your phone, that’s usually my favoured choice when there’s no mirror to be seen.

The formula of the highlighter is buttery and blendable. For me it’s the kind of product that actually works better applied with your fingers, the warmth of them helps it to melt into the skin. For summer I think I’m going to rely on cream products more than in winter, just as they give you a sunkissed glow without much effort.

I will say the High Definition Glow Sticks are on the pricier side, which I wasn’t expecting, and I’m not really sure why. They are £24 for 5g of product, which for a cream isn’t bad, I’m just aware that powder products are likely to last longer. I probably would pay for the Champagne shade at this price, as I am really enjoying the formula, and I would just get a lot more use out of the shade. If you have a medium skin tone, or love a good coloured highlighter, I imagine this would be a good investment as it’s just so damn easy to use!

You can find the High Definition Glow Sticks on the High Definition site.

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