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Wouldn’t we all love to be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, even just for a day? I mean think of all the clothes she gets to wear, places she visits and her beautiful face. I’ll be honest, I think she’s flawless. Luckily for us non supermodels, she teamed up with Marks and Spencer’s to create a makeup line that can help us get her look without a lot of plastic surgery.  Today, we’re talking about other products from the line RHW for Autograph Collection*, I was gifted these by the lovely team at Marks and Spencer’s and I’ve been trying them out.

RHW for Autograph Collection

There are 9 lipsticks in the RHW for Autograph Collection, I was gifted three. All of these lipsticks have a rose gold casing with magnetic closure, which is incredibly satisfying and means that you won’t find it smushed in the bottom of your bag. The lipsticks have a beautiful rose pattern embossed onto the front of the bullet, sadly it will disappear after a lot of use, but of course that means you’re enjoying the lipstick which is never a bad thing. I think these look very premium for the price, £14, and I’ve enjoyed using them so far.

RHW for Autograph Collection Lipstick Swatches

The formula is creamy and has a satin finish, the bullet shades are deceptive though as the shades are a lot lighter than you would expect. Top to bottom the three shades are: Camisole Blush*, a peachy nude. Lady Rose*, a deeper more orangey peachy nude. Silk Rose*, a deeper toned down red nude. I thought, from the bullet alone, that Camisole Blush would be my favourite but in the end I found it to be Silk Rose, the deeper nude looks very understated on my pale skin.

RHW for Autograph Collection Eyeshadow Quad Deco Diamonds

Onto the eyeshadow quad in Deco Diamonds*. I will be completely honest, this wouldn’t have been my first choice of quad, based off of the online photos. In pan the shades look slightly underwhelming but the shades below have hidden depth. The texture of these shadows is silky in a way, they glide on the eye whether you’re using a brush or your finger. Personally, I prefer to use the three shimmers with my finger if I want to pack a punch. The Marks and Spencer’s website calls the shimmers, pearls, which I understand to an extent, there isn’t noticeable glitter instead they provide a gorgeous sheen. Again, we follow the trend of rose gold packaging which does make the plastic seem less cheap, I would have liked to see perhaps metal casing but I know that would make the compact heavier.

RHW for Autograph Collection Deco Diamonds Swatches

The quad has enough variation to provide a complete eye look. There is a light golden shade in a pearl finish for the inner corner, it could double as a highlighter if you want to pack light. A grey shade, also in a pearl finish. The matte of the palette is a light chocolate brown, perfect as a transition or crease shade. The showstopper in this palette though is the shimmery taupe, which I use on its own because it’s just too pretty. The palette is pretty affordable for its quality and shade selection at £18.

RHW for Autograph Collection Anniversary Palette

Lastly, I am showing you the Anniversary Palette*. For me, this could have be an amazing product but just fell short. It has six eyeshadows, a bronzer, a cream highlighter and blush. It’s a nice idea in theory, however mixing cream and powder products into one palette never gets my vote. Mainly because if a powder product smashes the cream can become unusable. It wont stop me buying a product, but it is always something I take into consideration. Also, the packaging is a little underwhelming compared to the rose gold of the normal palettes, especially as it is at a premium, £25.

RHW for Autograph Collection Anniversary Palette Swatches

The shadows are mostly lovely, just like the quad above. There’s dark grey, moss green and dirty gold which are probably the most out there shades – the green is one I’m quite excited to try and incorporate into everyday wear. Then a shimmery taupe, warm vintage pink and (slightly patchy) copper orange. Other than the copper orange I haven’t had any problems.

RHW for Autograph Collection Anniversary Palette Swatches

The cream products in the palette are actually rather pretty. The blush is a rosy pink that blends out rather nicely, but I’m not sure how well it would work on those with skin tones darker than light medium. The highlight is a a pinky champagne which I love as it completments my pale skin beautifully. The orange AF bronzer on the other hand, is not a hit, it is far too warm to work for me or anyone I don’t think. Perhaps you could use it as a transition shade, but it’s not something that would warm up the complexion.

I do rather like the collection, I’d say my favourites are definitely the shadow sticks, followed closely by the lipsticks and eyeshadow quads, they’re somewhat affordable (think top end of drugstore/KIKO,) and high quality. I also think that this collection should make the younger consumers, like myself, think of M&S as a place to shop for beauty as this collection certainly appealing.

You can find the RHW for Autograph Collection at M&S.

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full DISCLAIMER HERE…

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