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Who am I? I have been loyal to landscape photos on the blog since it began in 2012, but I thought it was finally time to mix it up. When I got back from uni and attempted to take blog photos, nothing was working in landscape form so I reluctantly decided to shake things up and here we are! I hope you don’t mind the change too much… Anyway, a few months back the lovely people at Antipodes got in touch and asked if I would like to try a few bits and the skincare junkie I am jumped at the chance. Firstly, because I’ve heard such good things about Antipodes skincare and secondly, because my skin right now is an absolute mess!

Antipodes Skincare Manuka Honey Mask, Saviour Skin Balm and Cream Cleanser

To determine which products to send me they asked for a small description of my skin type. If you’ve read MissCosmeticBlogger before you’ll probably know my skin is dry but spot prone, due to the fact I am still a teenager. The three products they sent me were the Aura Manuka Honey Mask, the Saviour Skin Balm and Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser. Before I delve into how the products worked I have to mention their packaging; other than the balm the packaging is a metal tube, which is so much more eco friendly than most, and it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

The Aura Manuka Honey Mask is both said to clear blemishes and hydrate, which is quite unusual as usually products will do one or the other. At first the scent reminded me of sudocream but once you apply it all over, a subtle herby smell takes over. (I really don’t smell the vanilla pod and mandarin they suggest.) The mask is also quite unique in that although it claims to cleanse it’s not like traditional cleansing masks that dry and extract oils. Instead of clay based, this has a cream base with antibacterial properties and I have seen improvement in my skin after a few uses, though nothing ground breaking.

I thought the Saviour Skin Balm would be an absolute winner as I am always in need of lip balm. I know that it doesn’t specify lip balm but it is one of those multipurpose balms that can be used for most things. Sadly, I don’t love the smell, it’s too earthy for something on my lips. Now if it works really well I can ignore scent, however my lips felt drier a few minutes after application which is never a good sign. I’ve now resigned this balm to dry skin far away from my face – it will probably end up going to a friend sooner rather than later.

The Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser was probably the least exciting product of the three. As the name would suggest it is very gentle, both the scent and the formula. This for me isn’t heavy duty though and it won’t take off waterproof makeup so I will use it as a morning cleanser or second cleanse. It says it’s perfect for sensitive skin and I’d have to agree, the scent is very light and this didn’t irritate my skin at all.

From what I’ve tried so far Antipodes seems like a nice brand. The products were a lot more expensive than I thought they would be though, with the three ranging from £14.99 to £24.99! I’ll keep on using the cleanser and mask, but I’m not too sure on the balm.  Next on my to try list is their makeup and butter cleanser, because it sounds very luxurious and an alternative to balm cleansers.

You can find the Antipodes skincare range at FeelUnique.

This post contains PR samples that have been sent to me for consideration. See my full disclaimer here…

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