Keeping the Skin Pollutant Free with TheBodyShop

I’m loading on the changes on the blog at the moment aren’t I!? First I change my images from landscape to portrait, and now I am adding photos with my actual face visible? I really am changing it up, (it isn’t stopping there though… but you’ll have to wait until a little later on in the year to find out what else is changing.) I thought my face should first appear in a post that was skincare related, it’s the area of beauty I have really been focusing on lately. This is also another post exploring what I got in my Latest in Beauty/Sunday Times collab box, along with the Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Glow, today’s product is TheBodyShop Matcha Tea Mask.

TheBodyShop Matcha Tea Mask applied on the face

Now this facemask is part of the more luxurious range TheBodyShop do, they’re by no means a cheap, but they are part of a range I would buy more from. The reason I say more luxurious is not only because of the £17 price tag, but also the packaging. The facemask is housed in a glass jar, which is not only more eco friendly than plastic, but also offers a viable possibility to be reused in the future. They also have a really useful plastic tab which stops the facemask spilling. The mask that was available in the LiB box was the Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask, I’d never actually used any type of pollution clearing mask, even though I live in a city for university. I think this is because I forget about what my skin is actually exposed to on a day to day basis, luckily I now have this to remove the effects of pollution I suppose?

The texture of the mask did surprise me, I think I was expecting a traditional liquid mask while this has quite a similar feel to a Lush Jelly Mask. It’s also quite a multitasker, it has little bits (I’m not sure what they actually are) which also help to exfoliate your skin when you wash it off. It smells really fresh, I’d guess like matcha tea, but as someone who has never tried it I can’t comment. Once you apply this to the face, I did get a slight tingling sensation but this only lasted a minute or so before it was replaced by a cooling feeling. It said to only leave it for 5/10 minutes but I tend to leave it on until I remember to take it off. TheBodyShop say you can also use this to take off makeup which I am yet to try as I am testing other skincare products at the moment, also I don’t see how it would remove makeup well enough – especially as it says not to put near eyes. Perhaps it will be a good product for a second cleanse?

My skin definitely felt clean afterwards, though apparently ‘91% of women agreed pollution felt removed from their skin’, but I don’t really know what pollution feels like, so I can’t really comment on that. I especially liked the exfoliating element as it took away flakes between the days I exfoliate – I feel like I often exfoliate too much but my makeup doesn’t sit nicely unless I do. I don’t necessarily think this worked wonders on blemishes, but it seems more of a cleansing mask than a clearing mask.

I enjoy this mask, now that LoveIsland is back on our screens I apply when the show starts and wash it off in the second or third ad break. I don’t necessarily think I would repurchase this one mainly due to the price, however I probably would try one of the others available. Also, if the £70 collection of all the masks ever goes on sale I will definitely have to pick it up! I’m going to continue using this maybe every couple of weeks as I have quite a few masks on the go at the moment.

You can find TheBodyShop Matcha Tea Mask on TheBodyShop’s website for £17.

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