New Name, New Beginnings…

Welcome to BethEmilyDann, confused yet? I’ve kept the same name for around five years now; I began my blog back in 2012 as my love of makeup began and YouTube viewing peaked. (My friends were also bored with hearing about makeup and I needed an outlet.) ‘MissCosmeticBlogger’ – it’s easy to enough to trace the etymology of my blog name. I watched, and to this day still do, MissBudgetBeauty (now,) religiously on YouTube and liked the ‘miss’ aspect, and the fact the name clearly showed her niche. This is also where ‘cosmetic’ and ‘blogger’ originated from, though to this day my dad still called my blog MissCosmeticsBlogger, which infuriated me no end.

BethEmilyDann blog rebrand

This rebrand isn’t me deciding to turn my blog completely away from beauty, I’m not turning into a lifestyle blog just yet, my life is pretty boring anyway. This is me spreading my wings and moving from 12-year-old Beth’s creation and into a more professional outfit. I want my blog to showcase what I can do, an online portfolio if you like. I want to write about more than beauty, don’t get me wrong though, I imagine it will still be mainly beauty, but I want to talk about my travels as well, without feeling I am going ‘off brand.’

That brings me on to my new branding. In this day and age, we are always told to ‘sell ourselves’ and that we are in fact ‘a brand’. I want to sell myself to future employers, as well as give my readers a chance to put a face to a name. So here is MissCosmeticBlogger 2.0, BethEmilyDann (I tried to get Beth Emily, but a 13-year-old model got there first.) My blog is about me, things I try, places I go, therefore my blog is BethEmilyDann – my blog, my name, my life.

I secured the Twitter and Instagram handle a month or so ago, because I was quite eager and finally wanted everything to match finally – I’ve claimed this url on Bloglovin and moved all the followers over, though the posts didn’t join them! I’ve even created a Facebook page, which if you’d like to ‘like’ it that would be amazing. If you don’t like the rebrand and you want to unfollow, I will understand, albeit a little sad to see you go. I do have my fingers crossed that you’ll want to stick around, just saying.

There’s a celebratory rebrand giveaway on my Instagram (now BethEmilyDann,) and another will go live on Friday over on Twitter (again, now BethEmilyDann!) and they’re both fairly easy to enter – of course I’m offering beauty goodies as that’s what I always enjoy winning! I don’t really have much else to say other than I hope you like the new layout and name. I hope you decide to stick around for my new and improved content. And dad, as it’s now my name I hope you can get my blog name correct, (or we’re going to have a problem!)

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